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Using Dimmers to Create a Calming Work Environment

3rd Sep 2014

The invention of artificial lighting, including fluorescent light panels and bulbs, launched the world into a new era. Once people discovered that they no longed needed to work by the light of the sun or by small lanterns or candles, their productivity increased astronomically. While many companies are adopting eco-friendly building and remodeling practices, namely those that maximize the incorporation of natural light, artificial bulbs will never become obsolete. The technology by which they operate has undergone numerous changes, however.

Why Every Office Needs a Dimmer

Fluorescent bulbs are the predominant source of lighting in modern-day office buildings. In terms of brightness, no other product compares. While they do keep schoolchildren and employees engaged and alert, one of the major complaints and negative side effects of fluorescent lighting is its harsh intensity.

Prolonged exposure can cause headaches, eye strain and even skin damage from the UV radiation emitted by these bulbs. To minimize these harmful effects and to help save a lot of money on annual energy costs, the installation and use of office light dimmers has increased significantly. The decorative light panels and fluorescent light covers we sell at Octo Lights are crucial for shielding your staff from the intensity of artificial lighting, and when coupled with a dimmer control switch, the benefits are definitely noticeable.

For the longest time, business owners believed that in order to have a productive and efficient workforce, they needed to keep their offices lit as brightly as possible. In reality, too much light intensity can create the opposite effect. If your goal is to enhance the mood of your staff, keep their morale high and improve productivity, you may want to strongly consider investing in office light dimmer switches. These simple devices give you precise control to fine tune the ideal brightness level for your office.

Certain corporate functions may call for more lighting, and that can be accomplished with the simple twist of the dial. Moreover, installing multiple office light dimmers will give your employees control over how much light they want to work with. Individual preferences vary, so by catering to staff needs in this way, you may get more in return than you realize! Contact us today to learn more about our custom light covers and other office lighting options.