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Decorative Fluorescent
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Upgrade any room with our decorative fluorescent light covers. Octo Lights fluorescent decorative light covers are a quality lighting enhancement for traditional fluorescent & LED lighting, helping create a stunning environment in homes, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, offices, and more.
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Customer Reviews

As a migraine sufferer, and being a classroom with fluorescent lighting 8-10 hours a day, I was looking for light covers/filters that (a) my school would approve and (b) would liven up my marketing classroom! Octo Lights was the answer! I chose to use customized images and I was not disappointed! They look amazing in my classroom, see below! Bryan Fly was easy to contact, had clear communication and he did the legwork to get the best vector images for me! I plan to use again to cover all of my lights in as the years go by and my organization provides new graphics!

Mallory Cromer

Customer Reviews

We had the square version in a previous office and knew we had to get more. Love how they tone down the harsh florescent lights and adds a bit of color to our workspace. These larger covers were slightly too big for our lights, and I had to slice off about 1/4 inch on two sides. That is probably on our office though, it has some quirks already. Excellent purchase.

Aimee Bushnell

Customer Reviews

These light filters have been amazing not only to help reduce my migraines from the fluorescent lighting in my special ed classroom but my students love them as well! They were super easy to install and are bright and vibrant and made with great quality! I would highly recommend these to anyone!

Brianna Gibbs

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