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Fluorescent light fixtures are an inescapable fact of life. Our schools, offices, and businesses are full of fluorescent lights. And yet no one ever argued for the aesthetic qualities of fluorescent light. In fact, when it comes to lighting, most people find that fluorescent light is one of the least attractive types of light. So why is it so common? Simply put, it is cheap. Until the advent of practical LED technology, fluorescent bulbs were som… Read more
Fluorescent lights are everywhere. From the CFLs that we install throughout our homes to the fluorescent tubes that light our offices and stores, fluorescent light is inescapable. Most of the time, the only barriers between us and the tubes are the decorative fluorescent light diffuser panels. They are intended to soften and “diffuse” the naturally harsh light of fluorescent lighting tubes, but they usually fall short. While they may protect our… Read more
Can LED lights cause headaches and migraines? This blog post will show you why led lights cause migraines. Plus, we will discuss some of the common symptoms of light sensitivity. We'll also take a look at what colors of led lights might not be as harmful for your migraines or sensitivity to light. Most importantly, lets find out how to prevent the negative effects of LED Lighting.Why Do LED Lights Cause Migraines?LED light are everywhere we look… Read more
Biophilic design is the practice of designing spaces with an awareness of how people are affected by their natural surroundings. Biophilic lighting and design incorporates natural elements into indoor spaces to produce a symbiotic relationship between man-made architecture and nature. This blog post will discuss what biophilic design is, why it's beneficial, how biophilic lighting can be helpful in schools and offices, and finally, how you can in… Read more