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Decorative light covers can help you keep your memories – how? Well, how do you keep your memories now? No doubt you have videos of your memorable moments - but you must also have photographs! Most people do, even if only as old snaps. Maybe you have a photograph album that you bring out now again to browse through – or show to visitors.Decorative Light Covers Enable You To Retain MemoriesMany people prefer to look at real paper printed photos th… Read more
To say you can design your own sky would be a step too far for anybody. The sky and the universe are what they are, and you cannot change that. However, you can design your own sky-and-cloud panels to display on your ceiling. If you are a photography buff, you can take your own photos of the sky to display as sky-and-cloud panels. Or you could upload a completely different image to create custom decorative light covers.All you need to design your… Read more
Businesses are always looking for an opportunity to show off their products and services. One great way to advertise is by using fluorescent light covers in the reception area of your office. Most businesses have a waiting room or reception area in their office building. This is an ideal place to focus on advertising to visitors. Many companies already place product samples or examples of the work they do in their reception areas. But this is als… Read more
Fluorescent light covers can be customized for use in private hospitals and clinics. Decorative light panels can provide hospital patients with peaceful scenes as they lie and look up the ceiling. A beautiful sunny sky or scenery showing mountains, rivers, or flowers is much more welcoming than harsh, unfiltered fluorescent lighting.At night, a lovely starry sky is more conducive to sleep than fluorescent lighting, even if it is dimmed at night.… Read more