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Sky & Cloud Panels

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Flawless sky & cloud panels can change the entire dynamics of a room.

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Perhaps one of the most innovative and cutting-edge ways of enhancing a room in a clever and impressive way is to make use of sky & cloud panels. These panels are intended primarily to soften and filter fluorescent light in an attractive and stunning way. Through the use of high quality materials, light lens images are engineered into high quality plastic to create flawless fluorescent light fixtures. These panels are UL certified and are made of self-extinguishing material so they are ideal for hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental offices and residential homes as well as many other interior spaces. With so much to offer it is clear to see why sky & cloud panels have become so incredibly popular in recent days. Categories of images vary widely and can include anything from beach theme light covers to custom light covers made from personally uploaded photographs.

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Waterfall Sky & Cloud Panels Look So Good

In addition, flower theme covers, landscape light covers, astronomy light covers, cloud theme covers, ocean light covers and waterfall light covers as well as covers made specifically for children's rooms are all available. In short, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the type of image that can be portrayed on a beautifully attractive sky panel. Sizes vary and are offered in virtually all standard sizes as well as custom sizes for unique projects such as remodeling and home renovation jobs. Transforming light in an artistic and beautiful way has never been easier. Trust the Octo Lights named to deliver when it comes to the best in fluorescent light panels.

Impressive Sky & Cloud Panels For Any Interior Space

These stunning decorative light covers are easy to order. In fact, all that is required is to choose an image or upload an image and then select the appropriate size. Once this has been accomplished all that is left is to check out online and wait for your new sky & cloud panels to arrive. When it comes to installation, many homeowners choose to do the work in a do-it-yourself mode, while others may choose to have a contractor do the work. Either way, the results are the same in terms of amazing looking ceiling panels that filter florescent light effectively. Sky & cloud panels also serve an important function in that they disperse fluorescent light so that headaches and eyestrain are reduced. Both functional and attractive, replacement fluorescent light diffusers are clearly an important addition to any home or business. Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about a wide array of sky & cloud panels that are available to those who demand more from interior lighting.

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