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4 Reasons to Have Decorative Classroom Light Covers

4 Reasons to Have Decorative Classroom Light Covers

15th Aug 2022

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Creating an interactive environment for students is important for their academic success and for building social skills. You as an educator need to do everything possible to create a stimulating, colorful, and engaging classroom, which is exactly what Octo Lights’ school light covers are designed to do. Our decorative classroom light covers are designed for both fluorescent and LED bulbs and are a must-have feature for the entire school year. Discover just a few reasons why our light covers for classrooms need to be on your Back To School list and place your order now!

Improves Student Concentration

One of the primary struggles educators face is keeping students engaged and focused on what’s happening in front of the whiteboard or chalkboard. Harsh fluorescent or LED lighting can make it harder for students to look at the front and pay attention, allowing their minds to wander to other things. The custom  decorative classroom light covers from Octo Lights are designed to soften this harshness and create a more comfortable environment for students to concentrate.

Prevents Adverse Health Effects

The traditional bold, bright fluorescent lights often found in classrooms across the country can potentially have  adverse effects on young students. Long periods in rooms without school light covers can cause eye strain, can disrupt a student’s natural circadian rhythm, and even open the door for weight gain and depression. Investing in our customizable light covers for classrooms allows you as a teacher to protect the health of your students and create a more positive educational experience.

Creates an Engaging Learning Environment

Plain classrooms do nothing to enhance a child’s learning, which is exactly what Octo Lights is here to fix! Our popular pre-designed  decorative classroom light covers feature striking images of clouds, the night’s sky, flowers, stained glass, waterfalls, and more. The beauty and uniqueness of these light covers for classrooms are perfect for adding a pop of color and creating an engaging learning environment for students.

Entirely Customizable

Octo Lights is all about helping educators and school officials create interactive light covers for classrooms. In addition to providing a variety of pre-designed school light covers, we also allow our clients to completely custom their own products. Whether it’s picking out custom colors or uploading a certain design, our company can help you create  decorative classroom light covers everyone in the building will love.

Order Your Decorative Classroom Light Covers Now

Octo Lights is a proud sustainable, environmentally-friendly company dedicated to creating custom school light covers for educational facilities across the country. Place your order now and take advantage of wholesale discounts and free shipping!