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More and more, we have noticed offices using decorative fluorescent light diffusers. We see it in our own customers. Many of our best reviews are from customers who purchased Octo Lights decorative fluorescent light diffusers for their offices. But before we can discuss why offices use decorative fluorescent light diffusers, we should understand why they use unhealthy fluorescent lighting in the first place.You can find fluorescent lighting in pr… Read more
Many people go into homeownership with the intention of staying in their home for the rest of their lives. With that said, this intention oftentimes proves to be misguided, as many homeowners purchase their properties in their early years and don't factor in the inevitable changes that will occur that will lead to the expansion of their lives.Whether it be due to a growing family or a new job that is much too far of a drive from your current home… Read more
It's that time of year again; the leaves are beginning to change colors, pumpkins are popping up in local grocery stores, and Halloween is quickly approaching.If you're in love with the spookiest holiday of the year, then you're likely already preparing for October 31st -- perhaps by going to your local pumpkin patch, enjoying a scary movie or two, or (of course) decorating your home in Halloween decor.While there are a massive amount of options… Read more