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Why You Should Have Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Military Facility

Why You Should Have Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Military Facility

15th Aug 2022

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Military facilities need to be as well-lit and comfortable as anywhere else, which is why Octo Lights has created fluorescent light covers for military bases specifically. In our mission to make working spaces such as schools, hospitals, medical facilities, offices, and restaurants more productive, we offer military fluorescent light shades to soften both fluorescent and LED bulbs. Learn more about why your military base or similar facility should invest in these covers and get free shipping on your order!

Minimalistic, Professional Designs

Our military fluorescent light covers are designed to be as professional and patriotic as possible. Gain the benefit of having properly-diffused light while also showcasing different branches of the United States military. Our fluorescent light covers for military bases feature the insignia and crests of several different national organizations, creating a styled yet minimalist aesthetic for any room or hallway. 

Support Various Military Branches

Octo Lights’ military fluorescent light shades are designed to meet the high standards of your facility while also showcasing the unique branch of the military that it represents. Our shades are all decorated to depict and support the United States Coast Guard, Navy, VFW and VFW Auxiliary, Army, and Air Force. The military fluorescent light covers from our company are perfect for illustrating both brotherhood and camaraderie. 

Softens Harsh Traditional Lighting

Military fluorescent light shades, much like the other shades from Octo Lights, are perfect for softening and diffusing the harshness of fluorescent and LED bulbs. You can be sure each room and hallway in your base is well-lit and ideal for productive work with our customizable shades. Be prepared for anything with the fluorescent light covers for military facilities from Octo Lights!

Trusted By The U.S VA, Army & Air Force

Not only is Octo Lights a brand that offers high-quality fluorescent light covers for military bases, but we’re also a company trusted by several established organizations. Each and every one of our military fluorescent light covers offers benefits to the United States VA, the Canadian government, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, and more!

Browse All Our Military Fluorescent Light Shades

Ensure your military base or facility is comfortable and professional by customizing our own Octo Lights military fluorescent light shades. View our pre-made designs now or create your own, and receive discounts of wholesale orders!