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Ceiling Light Diffuser Panels for Schools, Homes, Offices, and More

Ceiling Light Diffuser Panels for Schools, Homes, Offices, and More

8th Jan 2019

We’ve all sat in a room under old buzzing and flickering fluorescent lights. Whether it was in a school, an office, or even at home, you know it was unpleasant. The longer you sit, the more uncomfortable it is. The light hurts your eyes, and you start to feel anxious, headachey, and drowsy all at once. It’s a familiar scene. Even if the lights were newer and didn’t flicker and buzz as much, you still probably noticed that the longer you sat, the more uncomfortable you became. At Octo Lights, we’re not surprised by your reaction to fluorescent light. In fact, it’s incredibly common. That’s why we developed decorative ceiling light diffuser panels that can improve the light and transform a room. We can’t change your doctor’s office, but you can certainly improve your own spaces. Octo Lights makes it easy to have great light with ceiling light diffuser panels.

Ceiling light diffuser panels are an exciting new technology that allows teachers, doctors, office workers, and homeowners to take control of their lights. Many of the spaces we spend time in are lit by fluorescent fixtures. But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer under fluorescent light. With ceiling light diffuser panels from Octo Lights, you can improve your lighting at very little cost. For just under $30 a panel, you can use our ceiling light diffuser panels to improve lousy lighting. Even if you don’t have old fluorescent tubes, you may be suffering from CFLs or LED bulbs used to replace incandescent bulbs. Our ceiling light diffuser panels address problems caused by all of these lighting technologies. You can feel better with ceiling light diffuser panels from Octo Lights. Continue reading to learn about our ceiling light diffuser panels for schools, offices, and more!

What Are Ceiling Light Diffuser Panels?

Ceiling light diffuser panels are an essential part of any fluorescent light fixture. You may have noticed that very few fluorescent light fixtures show the bare bulb. Staring at a lit fluorescent light tube would hurt your eyes and make it harder to see. To prevent glare, almost all fluorescent ceiling light fixtures include diffuser panels. These can be as simple as a frosted piece of plastic placed beneath the light. Some fancier ceiling light diffuser panels may be textured or have other designs. The problem is that while these ceiling light diffuser panels reduce some of the glare, they do little to resolve the underlying issue that makes fluorescent light so unpleasant.

How Fluorescent Light Affects You

Humans evolved under the light of the sun. Most of our evolution took place before we gained control of fire. But even after that, until very recently, our use of artificial light was very limited. With candles, torches, and oil lamps humans were able to see in the dark, but their light rarely rivaled daylight.

All that changed with the introduction of electric lights.

Suddenly, we could light up the night like it was the middle of the day. We stayed up later at night. We spent our days in windowless rooms that would have been impossibly dark before electric lighting. Civilization made a huge shift. But our bodies never got the memo.

Humans, like most living things, have an internal clock that drives our behavior. The hormones and neurotransmitters that run our bodies and minds all work on a 24-hour cycle. We call that cycle the circadian rhythm. While it is internally generated, millions of years of evolution have tied it closely to the sun. The changes in sunlight throughout the day and the lack of sunlight at night all trigger physiological responses that make up the circadian rhythm. But when we started to light our lives without the sun, we lost track of our circadian rhythm, which affected human health.

This problem is compounded by fluorescent lights, as well as the LED lights that have recently taken over. The light of the sun at midday is skewed toward short-wavelength light on the blue end of the spectrum. It triggers our bodies to be awake, alert, and hungry, among other physiological responses. The light given off by fluorescents and LEDs has a similar abundance of short-wavelength blue light. The blue light tricks the body into thinking it is midday, even if it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

Solving the Blue Light Problem

The blue light problem interferes with natural human physiology and can cause overeating, poor sleep, and other symptoms. To counteract the blue light issue, Octo Lights produces ceiling light diffuser panels that reduce the blue light that reaches our eyes. The fluorescent light fixtures, CFLs, and LEDs still put out the blue light. But our decorative ceiling light diffuser panels can be placed on top of your existing ceiling light diffuser panels to filter the light. The blue light that hits the ceiling light diffuser panels is mostly blocked, leaving you with light that is more evenly spread across the visible spectrum.

The results can be surprising. You will find that you feel better in ways you never expected. You may not have noticed how much your eyes hurt, your head throbbed, or your mood was affected. But after installing our decorative ceiling light diffuser panels, you will feel a world of difference.

The Visual Effect of Ceiling Light Diffuser Panels

In addition to their technical function filtering harmful blue light, Octo Lights decorative ceiling light diffuser panels have a visual effect. Our ceiling light diffuser panels are printed with stunning full-color images inspired by nature. Adding these images to your school, office, or home can transform a room. They bring a bit of the outdoors inside, opening up a room and providing new and stimulating images.

One of our most popular images for ceiling light diffuser panels is our cloud theme. These ceiling light diffuser panels are printed with images of blue skies and white fluffy clouds. You can use one panel to simulate a skylight or combine them for a dramatic effect. When you combine multiple cloud-themed ceiling light diffuser panels, you can create the effect of sitting under an open sky. This is perfect for offices, classrooms, and other places where you want people to feel both relaxed and energized. It’s the next best thing when your work, school, or even the weather keeps you from going outside.

Our other collections of decorative ceiling light diffuser panels have a wide range of naturally inspired images. Have a stuffy office? Try installing our beach-themed panels for a quick view of tropical beaches. Looking for something uplifting and inspiring? We have a great collection of landscapes with majestic mountain peaks and alpine lakes. For the nature lovers, we have images of trees that can make you feel like you are sitting under a forest canopy.

Of course, if you have a specific image in mind, we offer custom printing of any image you can upload for the same price as our regular ceiling light diffuser panels.

Fluorescent Light Panel Covers Replacement

Ordering is as easy as picking an image, picking a size, and checking out. There are no complicated options to contend with. Once you pay for your ceiling light diffuser panels, we’ll print them and ship them off in a day or two. You’ll get an automated tracking email from FedEx Ground, so you know when to expect them.

Replacing your fluorescent light panel covers is easy. In fact, you won’t have to replace the whole thing, you just need to open it up your diffuser panels and lay the decorative ceiling light diffuser panels on top of the existing ones. We have a short video here to show you how to do it. If you need them cut to a specific size, let us know when you order and we’ll cut them for you. And if you have any trouble installing them, contact us. We’re happy to walk you through it.