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Creating a Relaxing Dental Office With Decorative Light Covers

Creating a Relaxing Dental Office With Decorative Light Covers

22nd Aug 2018

Almost no one LOVES going to the dentist. But most of us do it anyway. For a lot of people, going to the dentist conjures memories of uncomfortable numbing and painful procedures. If you run a dentist’s office, you know that creating a relaxing, calm atmosphere for clients is essential to their overall experience. There are lots of ways dentists are trying to help patients relax. One of the newest, easiest, and most cost-effective methods is creating a relaxing dental office with decorative light covers. Decorative light covers from Octo Lights can transform a room at a fraction of the price of other types of renovation.

Can a Dentist Be Relaxing?

Dental work is not anyone’s idea of a good time. After all, how can holding your mouth wide open for an extended period while your teeth and gums are picked at with sharp metal instruments be enjoyable? Here at Octo Lights, we’re not sure that going to the dentist will ever be as much fun as cotton candy and carnival games. But we’re pretty sure we can make it a whole lot less uncomfortable and a lot more tolerable.

The good news is that recent advances in dental technology have gone a long way towards making the experience more comfortable. For instance, many dentists now use a digital system for taking x-rays of the mouth. No more sharp-edged cardboard film holders. The adoption of faster and more accurate drills has also reduced the time and pain associated with repairing cavities and similar work. Finally, modern anesthetics work quickly, effectively, and don’t linger as long as some of the older solutions. However, for many people just the thought of the dentist is anxiety-inducing. So dentists are looking for more ways to calm their patients.

Many dentists offices are installing TVs on the ceiling. It gives patients something to look at as they stare straight up for what seems like an eternity. But if you’re stuck looking up, you may notice something else. You’ll probably notice a lot of fluorescent light. Most medical and dental offices, like most commercial office spaces, are lit almost exclusively with fluorescent lights. Often, that light is not filtered, or may simply have an open refraction-style housing. Although patients may not realize it consciously, all that fluorescent light is actually bringing on more anxiety.

Fluorescent Light and Anxiety in Dental Offices

Fluorescent light is different from other forms of light due to the way it is produced and the type of light that is emitted. Unlike traditional incandescent light, fluorescent light does not work by heating a filament. Instead, a tube is filled with mercury vapor. When an electrical current is applied to the vapor, it gives off UV light waves. The inside of the lamp is coated with a mix of chemicals called phosphor that is activated by the UV light and gives off light in the visible spectrum. The part of the visible spectrum that is emitted most brightly by the phosphor coating is short wavelength blue light. This blue tint is a major contributor to the adverse side effects of fluorescent light.

Although it is unnoticeable, the light of the sun at midday is skewed toward the blue end of the spectrum. This blue-ish light stimulates the body to release hormones and neurotransmitters that wake up the body for midday activity. While this is a good thing when it is caused by natural light, in artificial light it can be a problem. The overstimulation of this blue light can result in the release of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with anxiety, stress, and poor sleep.

While the effect on patients is an important factor in their experience at the dentist, the workers in the office are even more strongly affected. Part of providing a calming and enjoyable experience to patients is having a workforce, dentists, technicians, and office staff, who can give excellent service. When people in the office are subject to overstimulation of blue-ish light all day, day after day, the cumulative effect can cause a lot of stress. Stressed workers can’t give the same kind and gentle attention to patients as workers who are more relaxed.

The Benefit of Decorative Light Covers

Without a light cover, fluorescent light shines a harsh, blue-ish light that is bad for the eyes and the body. The harsh light of unfiltered fluorescent lamps is often too bright. Patients and dentists alike can find themselves squinting their eyes slightly. Over time, that tension around the eyes can cause severe headaches. The bright, blue light also disrupts the regular cycle of hormones and neurotransmitters the body releases to control stress, digestions, sleep, mood, and many other functions.

When you install fluorescent light covers, the light is filtered to give off visible light that is less skewed to the short-wavelength blue end of the spectrum. Instead, you get a pleasant light that feels more natural and does not overstimulate the body with blue light. The light is also dimmed slightly, relieving pressure from squinting eyes and struggling to see in overly bright light.

Transform a Space With Decorative Light Covers

In addition to the filtering aspect of the decorative light covers, they can transform a room with their beautiful, inspiring, and relaxing images. You can search Octo Lights’ whole library of light cover images to see for yourself. If you want something specific, you can also upload your own image which we will custom print. With this practically unlimited choice of images for your decorative light covers, the options for transforming your space are nearly endless. Especially in dental offices where patients spend a good amount of their time looking up, decorative light covers can change the experience of being in a space.

One style of decorative light cover that is popular with dental offices is our astronomy-themed collection. These light covers have stunning, full-color images of brilliant night skies and deep space images of galaxies and nebulae. For thousands of years, night skies have transfixed humans. Astronomy-themed decorative light covers can be an invitation to the imagination, which is a welcome distraction in a dentist’s office. Another popular set of images is our ocean theme, which can similarly inspire at least a little daydreaming.

Ordering your Octo Lights Decorative Light Covers

Ordering and installing Octo Lights decorative light covers couldn’t be easier. To order just pick your image, pick your size, and check out. We’ll ship out your light covers in 1-2 days via FedEx. Once you get them, installation is just as easy. First, open the tabs of the existing fixture cover frame with your hand, a coin, or a flathead screwdriver as necessary. It will swing open from one side. Next, lay your decorative light cover over the cover, image-side down. When the image is in place and flat, just swing the fixture cover back into place and close the tabs and you can start enjoying your new decorative light cover.

Dentists are installing decorative light covers and seeing results today. Joy, a dental hygienist, had this to say:

“I have this cover in the light that patients see when they are laid back in the chair. Nothing but positive comments from all!”

So go ahead and order your decorative light covers today!