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Creative Ways to Use Decorative Light Covers at Home

Creative Ways to Use Decorative Light Covers at Home

31st Aug 2018

Decorative light covers are a fun and unique way to brighten up your home. Whether you are creating the illusion of more space in a cramped area or refreshing a room with a whole new look, decorative light covers are a great design addition to your home. They are cheap and easy to install and can transform any room. Plus, they can help reduce the harmful effects of fluorescent light, keeping your family healthier and happier. There are so many creative ways to use decorative light covers at home. We’ll give you some great suggestions here, but we’re sure you can come up with even more!

The Problems With Fluorescent Light

Decorative light covers are a great trend in indoor lighting. Many homes may have areas with fluorescent light fixtures. While they are okay for creating enough light to see or work by, they are not a beautiful or healthy source of light. Fluorescent lights were never really intended to be beautiful. They were installed in homes, stores, businesses, and many other places out of convenience. It is true that fluorescent lights are relatively cheap to install and to run. They have a long life and produce light at a fraction of the cost of traditional incandescent bulbs. With the advent of LED lights for everyday use, they are no longer the most energy efficient. But with the cost of LED lights still relatively high, they remain the cheapest overall.

The problem with fluorescent lights is that the energy efficiency and low cost comes at a price. The light produced by fluorescent bulbs is not a healthy kind of light. When the sun shines on a clear day, it emits light across the spectrum, including just about the whole visible spectrum of light from red all the way to blue. Normally, the light is all emitted together and appears as white light. Sometimes, such as when a rainbow splits apart the light, we can see each of the colors separately. But fluorescent bulbs don’t give off the same full spectrum. Instead, the light from a fluorescent light is mostly in the short wavelength, on the blue end of the spectrum.

Why is Blue Light Bad

The problem with fluorescent light that is always on the blue end of the spectrum is that it confuses the body’s internal systems. Our bodies have evolved to function according to the natural cycles of light and dark from the sun. The red light of sunrise and sunset, the bluish light of midday, and the dark of night set our internal clocks. When we mess with that light cycle, we mess with many of our body’s functions. By emitting blue light all day, we are telling our body that it is midday, which has a whole bunch of adverse effects on health.

One of the ways the blue light affects the body is by disrupting sleep cycles. When exposed to natural light, the bluish light of midday causes the body to release hormones and neurotransmitters that increase wakefulness. Then, as the day moves into night, the reddish light of sunset and the dim light of twilight signals to the body that it’s time to sleep. The body releases chemicals the prepare it for sleep. But when your body is receiving blue light well past midday, it continues to produce the wakefulness chemicals and never shifts to chemicals that prepare it for sleep. This makes it harder to sleep at night. When you can’t sleep well, there are all kinds of adverse effects.

Decorative Light Covers are Fluorescent Light Filters

In today’s modern world, we are exposed to many sources of blue light well past sunset. The blue light of fluorescent fixtures is just one source. The light from computer screens and smartphones is also in the blue end of the spectrum. With all of these sources of blue light, plus our busy schedules, it’s no surprise that most Americans don’t get enough sleep. One way to combat the onslaught of blue light is to place filters over fluorescent light filters that cut down on the blue light. Octo Lights decorative light covers aren’t just pretty, they are actually highly effective fluorescent light filters that will make your light healthier.

Decorative Light Covers in the Kitchen

One common place for fluorescent lights in the home is in the kitchen. They provide bright light for cooking and food preparation. That can be a great benefit. But the harsh glare of the unfiltered fluorescent light can be tough on the eyes. Add to that the adverse effects of blue light and you have a kitchen light that is bad for your health. Adding an Octo Lights decorative light cover can reduce glare and help create a more even spectrum, saving your eyes and your health.

As wonderful as the health benefits of decorative light covers are, there are other great benefits, too. Decorative light covers are, by definition, decorative. What that means is that they should be a central part of your kitchen design scheme. One way to use decorative light covers in the kitchen is to create the sense of more open space, even if your kitchen is a little cramped.

In a cramped kitchen, one way to open up and get more light is to install a skylight. Installing a skylight can be an expensive project. You need to cut through the ceiling and do extensive roofing work, in addition to the cost of the fixture itself. If your kitchen is on a first floor with more living space above it, a skylight is not even possible. But with decorative light covers, you can simulate a skylight as well as a sky that is always sunny.

One of our most popular decorative light designs in a cloud design. This set of decorative light covers has images of a blue sky filled with light, fluffy clouds. When you install one of these cloud-themed lights, every time you look up it looks like you have a skylight on a beautiful day.

Fun Decorative Light Covers for Children’s Rooms

Another part of the house that can significantly benefit from decorative light covers is children’s rooms. First of all, you definitely don’t want your children exposed to all the harmful effects of fluorescent light. Bright fluorescent light before bed can make bedtime a nightmare. Your children’s bodies simply aren’t prepared for sleep, making it a struggle for you and for them. Decorative light covers can help with that, making everyone happier and healthier.

Kids naturally have great imaginations. So why not help them out with some fanciful images from our collection. If your children love the adventure of space and space exploration, try our astronomy-themed collection. These light covers have vivid images of night skies, stars, galaxies, and nebulae. They can spur a child’s imagination as well as providing an excellent opening for discussions about space, astronomy, and science. In today’s world, science education is more important than ever. So why not let your young scientists explore the night sky every time they look up.

If your children prefer animals, try our ocean-themed collection. These decorative light covers feature images of dolphins, sea turtles, and other undersea scenes. Whether your children love the fantastical world of mermaids and pirates or love the animals of the deep sea, these decorative light covers are a great addition to any child’s room.

Decorative Light Covers are Easy

There are lots of great idea for ways to improve your home. From small do-it-yourself projects, to interior painting, to major renovations, there is no end to the ways you can make your home even better. But when it comes to decorative light covers, you will be amazed by just how easy it is to make a huge difference in any room. Octo Lights Decorative light covers will cost you less than $30 a piece, and installation couldn’t be easier. Simply use your hands, a coin, or a flathead screwdriver to unlock the frame of your fluorescent light fixture. The fixture will stay attached on one side, and the other side will swing down. Lay the decorative light cover film image-side down on the diffuser. Then swing the frame, latch it back into place, and take a look at your new decorative light cover. It’s that easy!

So if you’re ready to transform any room of your home with healthier, more beautiful light, check out our full collection to order today!

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