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Decorating with Decorative Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Decorating with Decorative Fluorescent Light Fixtures

23rd Dec 2018

There’s no shortage of home improvement and design shows on television these days. Professional television hosts and their teams sweep into a home and achieve amazing transformations. They knock down walls, install new features, and finish their projects with beautiful interior design. However, these shows rarely focus on the lighting in the home. Many of today’s homes are actually decades old. Even with the most elegant interior design, aging lighting fixtures fail to bring out the best in a home. Even in newer homes, if you’re ignoring your lighting, you are missing an essential element of your interior design. The same is true for offices and other public spaces. At Octo Lights, we encourage you to look up and consider the value of decorating with decorative fluorescent light fixtures.

Lighting as Interior Design

Lighting is more than just a way to see in an otherwise dark room. According to Lucy Martin, a noted UK lighting designer, “Good lighting sets the tone and creates the atmosphere in a room.” Unfortunately, many homes weren’t built to that standard. Instead, there a many homes that were built with whatever light was cheap and convenient for the builders. That has left homeowners with some truly bad light.

Fortunately, bad light doesn’t have to stay that way. If you believe the TV shows, improving your home takes a whole crew and thousands of dollars. But there are other small changes that can make an outsized impact. One of the biggest (and cheapest) changes you can make is adding decorative fluorescent light fixtures. If your home was built with fluorescent light, it might seem like you need to build all new fixtures to solve your lighting woes. But with decorative fluorescent light fixtures, you can transform a room for just $30 a fixture. No professional installation required.

How can decorative fluorescent light fixtures make such a big difference? It’s all about filtering. The light that comes from a typical fluorescent light fixture is unappealing. Fluorescent light tubes often have a low CRI, meaning they don’t render colors very well. They also give off high levels of short wavelength blue light, which is harmful to humans. Short wavelength blue light is the same light that scientist warn about when they talk about too much screen time. This short wavelength light can cause eye strain and disrupt sleep patterns and other physiological cycles. Decorative fluorescent light fixtures reduce the amount of short wavelength blue light with a thin film that is laid on top of the existing diffuser panel. The film filters blue light and creates a more wholesome lighting spectrum.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Fixtures in the Home

If you look around your home, you may identify some areas that feel stuffy or claustrophobic. If a room on the interior of the house has no windows, it can seem especially cramped. Often these are rooms where people spend a fair amount of time. Consider a home office or basement recreational area. Despite the long hours spent in these areas, the lighting receives little attention. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Decorative fluorescent light fixtures can transform an interior room in your home.

How do decorative fluorescent light fixtures transform a room? In addition to the light filtering we’ve already mentioned, Octo Lights decorative fluorescent light fixtures are decorative. That means that they don’t just filter, they enhance! The films we produce for decorative fluorescent light fixtures are printed with stunning, full-color images. Depending on your choice of image, you can create a wide variety of moods.

One of our most popular lighting collections is our cloud-themed collection. Decorative light covers in our cloud-themed collection are printed with bright, sharp images of blue skies and white, fluffy clouds. When you use these images in your decorative fluorescent light fixtures, you give the impression of a skylight. But unlike a normal skylight, your decorative fluorescent light fixtures opens up onto a bright, sunny sky 24/7.

If you are looking for something a little more fanciful, you can try our ocean-themed collection. These decorative light covers include images from above and below the sea. This collection is excellent for small spaces. Instead of feeling like you are in a cramped you, you can feel like you are in an undersea chamber, looking out onto the brilliant sea life around you.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Fixtures in the Office

If homes are in need of some updated lighting, offices are plagued with some of the worst lighting out there. Most offices, large and small, are lit with fluorescent light fixtures. As we’ve mentioned, fluorescent light is low-quality and can even be physically irritating. The other problem with this low-quality light is the time you spend under it. In a home, you typically move from room to room relatively frequently. But in an office, you may stay in the same place for hours at a time, or nearly a full day. This compounds the effects of unhealthy lighting.

Bad office lighting is the secret culprit in many of the disadvantages of office life. So if you feel exhausted, stressed, or have droopy eyes by mid-afternoon, you may be experiencing the effects of bad lighting. Luckily, much of that can be improved with the implementation of decorative fluorescent light fixtures. By adding a filtration layer to remove short wavelength blue light, you do your eyes and your mind a favor.

Beyond the bad light, many offices have few if any windows to the outside. Offices are also notoriously bland. If you work in an older office building, you may be subjected to varying shades of beige all around you. Fixing that may sound like a large expenditure. Few office budgets have room for new carpets, fresh paint, and updated office furniture. But decorative fluorescent light fixtures fit nicely into your budget. At just $30 a fixture, installing decorative fluorescent light fixtures is a cost-effective way to transform your office.

Depending on the culture of your office, you can stick with traditional cloud images, or go for something more fanciful. Our library includes images of tropical beaches, inspiring alpine landscapes, and out of this world galaxies. You can even customize your images!

Medical Offices and Decorative Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Like many business offices, medical offices are overwhelmingly illuminated with fluorescent light. For a setting that is supposed to promote health, fluorescent light is decidedly unhealthy.

If you run a medical or dental office, you may also have to deal with anxious patients. Visiting a doctor or dentist can be a frightening experience, especially if you haven’t been for a while. Many medical offices try to relax anxious patients with calming waiting room art or a television on low volume. What many offices neglect is the role of lighting in setting the mood in both waiting and exam rooms. Many don’t realize the potential benefit of just a few decorative fluorescent light fixtures. However, just a few cost-effective decorative light covers can change the feeling of an entire office.

By just adding some interest to a room, patients can feel more relaxed and less nervous. Many offices rely on televisions as distractions. But straining to watch a television that you can’t hear may actually be stress-inducing. Instead, creating a welcoming, interesting environment may be more relaxing. By adding decorative fluorescent light fixtures, medical office managers can provide a calming focal point for nervous patients.

Ordering is Easy

Now that you know the benefits of decorative fluorescent light fixtures, we want to introduce you to one more great feature of Octo Lights. It’s not just our decorative light covers that are relaxing. Ordering is a snap, too. We promise a low-stress process that is easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Select your image.
  2. Select your size.
  3. Check out.

Your light covers will be custom printed within 2 business days and shipped off via FedEx Ground so you can receive them in just a few days. Installation is easy, too. Just check out these instructions. You won’t need anything besides a screwdriver, and we even have a video!