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Decorative Lighting & Promoting Your Business

Decorative Lighting & Promoting Your Business

12th Mar 2017

As a restaurant owner, you likely know the challenges when it comes to gaining new customers. After all, getting guests who have never tried or even heard of your cuisine to suddenly walk through your doors is a science in of itself, and something based on more than simply having great and innovative food items on the menu.

Let’s face it, the restaurant business is an extremely competitive market to be in; you might have a diner that serves incredible egg salad, while four or five other diners close by have the same exact calling card. Unfortunately, if you don’t try to stick out like a sore thumb, you run the risk of tanking your business into the ground, compromising all of the blood sweat and tears it took to finally open your own restaurant.

By now, you’re likely wondering what your options are as far as standing out. You could always opt for renovations and an overall brand image, however these options are extremely expensive, and if you’re already a failing business, spending a significant amount of money might not be smart or even remotely feasible. So, where does this leave you?

Well, there are other, more affordable ways to ensure your restaurant’s brand stands out from the pack, and this starts with unique forms of advertising and promotion. One of the most successful ways to do this, and a method that has been steadily growing in popularity for businesses, is through the use of decorative light covers.

What Are Fluorescent Light Covers?

Known to the world as an innovation for decorative lighting, fluorescent light covers display a wide range of images over existing fluorescent light fixtures in your home, office or business to create one truly incredible effect.

A great example of the effect fluorescent light covers convey is through the use of cloud and sky panels, which open up any cramped space — devoid of windows — and can be installed on the ceiling to create almost the same exact effect as a real skylight, without the pricey installation.

Now that you know what decorative light covers are, in order to fully realize their potential for effectively promoting your restaurant, let’s explore the best practices for light covers in such setting:

Impress Potential Customers Outside Your Restaurant

Making a great first impression — one that effectively displays your food and your brand — is by far the most important aspect when it comes to netting potential customers, and could be the difference between someone walking into your restaurant and passing by without a second look.

Fortunately, fluorescent light covers are perfect for promoting your restaurant on the outside of your building, as long as you have fluorescent lighting installed. Octo Lights has a wide variety of different themes to choose from, in order to perfectly fit whatever your restaurant’s cuisine may be.

For instance, if you’re a seafood restaurant, our ocean or beach light covers — which depict images of white sandy beaches, vibrant fish and other marine life — that have been installed behind a store window or near your restaurant’s entrance are perfect for providing a unique attention grabber for passerby.

Even if the person doesn’t walk in on the spot, with these light covers in tow, they will surely not forget your restaurant and are likely to come back at a later time, possibly with friends.

Another method you could use is with custom light covers, which allow you to (no surprises) create light covers with any image of your choosing. This opens up the realm of possibilities significantly, as you can display things like actual items on the menu zoomed in and looking delicious, all in a unique way that guests will have never seen before.

Impress Existing Customers Inside Your Restaurant

As for inside your restaurant, this is where you want to pull out all the stops when it comes to impressing your diners with a bevy of interesting and inviting imagery to not only draw them inside, but convince them that your restaurant should be visited regularly; a great way to encourage repeat business.

To do this, similar to how you promoted your business outside, you can use custom light covers that display some of the most scrumptious and expensive items on the menu, as well as other imagery such as your restaurant’s logo and backstory of how you became an establishment.

You can even take photographs of the local hot spots and people (with permission first, of course) and display them on your walls. This creates a more inviting and personal environment for guests who have never been to your restaurant before.

These light covers are ideal for any area in your restaurant, including the lobby area as well as the actual dining room space, and gives patrons something to fixate on while they enjoy your restaurant’s cuisine.

Where to Find Fluorescent Light Covers

Now that you’re aware of the distinct possibilities fluorescent light covers can provide any restaurant, including your own, you’re likely wondering just where you can find them.

As light covers are a relatively new innovation, there aren’t many companies out there that produce them. Luckily, you’re in the right place, as Octo Lights is the world’s premier fluorescent light cover company. We ship anywhere, and (on top of having the widest selection of fluorescent light covers on the market) our light covers are the most affordable and eco-friendly you’ll find.

Not to mention, we make it extremely easy to create your own light covers, with a quick and painless process that includes choosing your image (based on our image requirements), uploading it to our site and then awaiting an email in order to make your purchase. It’s literally that simple!

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. We provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and more!