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Emptyful LED Sculpture by Bill Pechet & Chris Pekar

21st Nov 2012

Around the world artists are using LED lights to create new, interesting and sometime shockingly beautiful artwork and sculptures that incorporate these incredible lights.  The fact that they give off very little heat, that they are energy frugal and that they can be very attractive are all plusses that have attracted artists of all manner and the attention of cities and towns everywhere looking to give their citizens something to marvel at and be proud of while also saving energy. One such structure exists in Winnipeg, Canada at the Millennium Library Plaza. Artist Bill Pechet and his co-designer Chris Pekar collaborated on the 35 foot tall and 31 foot wide Emptyful sculpture which stands there and it is indeed a thing of beauty during the day but especially at night. Winnipeg is not exactly known for its stunning skyline and is in fact almost adrift on a sea of prairie and open sky.  Within the city however the energy hums and so does the attraction to this new sculpture. Artist Pechet said that he wanted something that was “slender, discreet and powerful” and indeed he accomplished that task and then some.   Emptyful is stunning at night, with its 28 Lumenfacade color-changing LED luminaires that were designed by Lightworks and Lumenpulse. Half of these color changing LED super-lights are pointed upwards to accent the fog that is emitted by the sculpture, giving it an eerie but soothing effect.  The other half are pointed down and illuminate a waterfall that drops into the 500 gallon tank below.  The effect is visually stunning when seen with the sculpture that looks like a modern-art type of vase. Artist Pechet, who own the Pechet Studio, was the winner of an international competition and immediately contacted Mr. Pekar from Lumenpulse to incorporate their LED bulbs into his sculpture since they are one of the leaders in the LED lighting market.  Lumenpulse has earned many awards for its indoor and outdoor applications including a Lightfair Innovation Award. Together the artist and the LED lighting company have created something that will amuse and attract visitors for years to come and will brighten the Winnipeg night just a little bit more. It’s just another example of how a creative approach to using LED lights can have a fantastic outcome and save energy at the same time. Emptyful is a true mix of modern design and lighting technology fused together into something g bigger than the two parts.