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Explosion Proof LED Tank Light features scaffold-mounted design.

19th Nov 2012

When it comes to cleaning huge industrial tanks and containers a lot of times it is very dark and dangerous. Also, since there are oftentimes flammable gases or vapors in the containers being cleaned there is the extra risk that the lights that are being used could explode, which is really not a good thing if you’re down in a tank and you suddenly have no light. That’s why industrial tank cleaners everywhere around the globe were happy this week when Larson Electronics, manufacturer of Magnalight products, announced the release of their newest LED light system, the EPL-JH16C-1MLED-100 LED tank light. Not only does their newest product produce a powerful 10,000 flood light beam that is capable of shedding light in even the darkest of tanks and large containers, it has a specially made mounting bracket for use in most any enclosed space and is explosion proof for that extra level of added safety.  That amounts to an incredibly potent, portable light source that’s ideal for many different industrial lighting tasks. The mounting system is even high tech, made from non-sparking aluminum to prevent igniting gases in the enclosed areas where it will be used, and also includes 100 feet of explosion proof SOOW cord and an explosion proof straight blade plug.  The fact is, when it comes to explosion proofing, Larson Electronics is the bomb. They have an extensive line of LED lights that can be used in hazardous locations because of their non-exploding properties. Their LED lights are also extremely durable, have a very long shelf-life and come with 25 Mylar lens protectors that can be peeled off easily for quick cleaning. They can safely be used in conditions where there is flammable gases and / or vapors present as well as high levels of dust and have a high light output while still producing very low heat.  As with most LED lights these new lights are also extremely efficient and can be used with a wide variety of electrical currents. Larson Electronics has been an innovator in the LED product market for many years and this newest product shows that they continue to remain on the cutting edge of explosion proof lighting technology.  Their products can be used in a wide assortment of industrial settings and applications, from large shipping and storage containers to mining and anywhere that safe, efficient lighting is needed to makes sure that safety is always the highest concern.