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Fluorescent Light Covers Aren’t Just for Businesses

Fluorescent Light Covers Aren’t Just for Businesses

31st May 2018

Fluorescent light diffuser covers do a lot. They are popular in offices, businesses, and medical settings. Schools use them, too. But fluorescent light covers aren’t just for businesses. If you have fluorescent lights in your home, you could be suffering the consequences without even knowing it. Fluorescent light covers, or as they are sometimes called decorative light covers or fluorescent light filters, have huge benefits. While many homes have fluorescent light fixtures in some rooms, most homeowners are unaware of the problems they may cause. But the more you know, the more you will recognize the need for a solution. Octo Lights make fluorescent light diffuser covers that are both beneficial for health and beautiful to look at.

Why to Avoid Fluorescent Light

Whether at work, at school, or at home, the risks of fluorescent light are equally great. Fluorescent light is a type of light most associated with negative health effects. Although any artificial light is not as beneficial as sunlight, a large body of research indicates that fluorescent light is especially bad. This has to do with the type of light fluorescent lights emit and how they emit that light.

When fluorescent lights were first made commercially available, their only major competition was incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are notoriously inefficient. Up to 90% of the energy consumed by an incandescent bulb is given off as heat. Only 10% of the energy goes toward producing light in the visible spectrum. In addition, the technology behind incandescent lights limits their lifespan. An incandescent bulb works by heating a filament to the point that it glows. The light from the glowing hot filament is the light produced by the bulb. But like any material, a filament can only stand up to high heat for so long. After a while (the time varies for various filament materials) the filament can no longer stand the heat and it literally burns out.

With fluorescent lights, there was a great increase in both the lifespan and energy efficiency of light bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs contain a mercury vapor. When an electrical charge is applied to the vapor, it creates short wave ultraviolet light. That ultraviolet light, in turn, causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb to glow. This method was up to eighty percent more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and the bulbs lasted up to ten times longer.

However, the light given off by glowing phosphor is not comparable to the light given off by a glowing filament. The light from a fluorescent lamp has an uneven spectrum. It lacks the full range of lightwaves given off by an incandescent lamp or sunlight. This uneven spectrum affects how colors are perceived under fluorescent light. It also has a strong effect on human biology.

The Effect of Fluorescent Light on Health

Because fluorescent light has an uneven spectrum compared to sunlight, it lacks the health benefits of sunlight. Although it may seem that you are getting the same benefit from fluorescent lights, that is the ability to see, you are missing out. The full spectrum of sunlight affects much of human biology.

Humans, like most animals, use the cycles of light and dark provided by the sun to regulate many bodily functions. This cycle, known as the circadian rhythm, is responsible for many biological processes, including much of our endocrine system. The endocrine system controls our hormonal cycles, which in turn have a strong effect on everything from our immune health to our mental state.

Many of the negative effects of fluorescent light come from the fact that it does little to regulate the circadian rhythm and reduces the function of the endocrine system. Some common symptoms of over-reliance on fluorescent light include:

  • problems sleeping due to melatonin suppression
  • stress and anxiety due to cortisol suppression
  • hormonal and menstrual disruptions in women
  • suppressed immune system due to endocrine disruption
  • All of these are directly related to problems with the circadian rhythm.

Further issues come from the way that the uneven light spectrum affects sight. Colors can appear incorrectly. After some time the eye and the mind may make up for this difference, making it hard to consciously perceive. But the work of making up that difference can be tiring. This can create unnecessary fatigue.

The light that comes from fluorescent lamps is also often harsh and glaring. The eye further tenses and strains to see in this harsh light. This can cause fatigue as well as headaches and even migraines.

Due to the method of light production, fluorescent lights also flicker. The flicker is too fast for most people to notice, but it still has an effect. In some people it can cause migraines, fatigue, and headaches, compounding the negative effects of the uneven spectrum of light.

Fluorescent Light Covers in the Home

Some homes have fluorescent lights. These are most common in kitchens and some bathrooms. However, they may also be found in other rooms. They are more common in apartment homes. Wherever they are in the home, residents may experience the negative effects of their light.

To avoid the adverse health effects of the fluorescent lights, the best thing a homeowner can do is to install fluorescent light covers. These covers can filter the fluorescent light. They provide a better spectrum of light, solving one of the biggest problems with fluorescent light. They also serve to soften the harsh and glaring light. This allows the eye to relax and reduces stress. By relaxing the eyes, fatigue, headaches, and migraines can also be reduced.

Another benefit of fluorescent light covers in the home is the beautiful images printed on these covers. There are many fluorescent light covers available online, but Octo Lights covers are unique for their beautifully printed, vibrant images. Octo Lights uses only the highest quality materials and UV resistant, water-based inks. Our front print, backlit, heavyweight film allows us to create images with incredible detail and color saturation. Many of our images are completely unique. Our team of top-notch photographers and designers have created many stunning images you will only find at Octo Lights.

Transform Any Room

You can use these decorative images to transform any room of the house. In a kitchen, you can create the feeling of extra space by installing sky patterns in the ceiling. These images include cloud patterns, trees and other images of beautiful blue skies. They will create the impression of a beautiful skylight with a sun that is always shining.

For children’s rooms, you can choose something that suits the child’s interests. For astronomy loving children, we have a whole line of beautiful night sky images. These decorative light covers feature galaxies, stars, and nebulae in stunningly bright colors that will ignite the imagination. We also feature undersea images to spark any child’s imagination. If your child has a particular interest, you can always upload your own images for a completely custom design. We will print your image and ship it out in 1-2 business days.

If you have a home office, it’s a great place to install decorative light covers. Any workspace can feel cramped and stifling after hours of work. By adding a decorative light cover you can relieve the stress on your eyes and on your mind. Try installing one of our beautiful beach images. With just a glance towards the ceiling, you will be instantly transported to a calming tropical beach.

There are so many options to choose from, plus the ability to upload your own image, that the design possibilities are truly endless. You can check out all of our designs here. Pick your size and for under $30 a piece you can go ahead and order you light covers. In most cases, you can have your covers in less than a week. So go ahead and order today. There’s no more excuse to be suffering the effects of unfiltered fluorescent light.