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Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Christmas Party

Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Christmas Party

30th Nov 2017

As sudden as it may seem, the holiday season is once again upon us. This means everyone will be getting into the holiday spirit in a multitude of ways, including holiday shopping, Christmas caroling, snowman building, and (of course) Christmas parties with their family and friends.

Unfortunately, for some, the holidays are a stressful time, especially for those in charge of planning a get-together. Not only do you have to decide what food you'll be serving -- which, depending on the number of guests you'll be hosting, can be a daunting task -- but you also have to ensure the venue your holiday party will be taking place at is adequately decorated with holiday decor in order to perfectly showcase the best the season has to offer.

Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to holiday decorations and most of which can be found at stores in your area. However, many of the decorations available can be seen as boring or uninspired to some folks. If you're one of these people, then you'll surely be on the lookout for decor that puts a unique spin on the holiday season. Unfortunately, not many decor items out there can adequately showcase the holiday season while also being unique.

This might make you feel the need to spend an astronomical amount of money on custom decor items. However, this isn't a smart investment, as these items will only be of use one time each year. Instead, you should look for something more affordable while still having the wow-factor you'll be looking for; something like decorative fluorescent light covers!

Why Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Holiday Party?

It's no surprise why decorative fluorescent light covers have recently been taking off in terms of success; not only do they offer a unique way to decorate any space in your home or office, but they also have a list of additional benefits that aren't seen with other forms of decorative lighting.

For one, because decorative light covers are installed over existing fluorescent light fixtures, they are (in essence) fluorescent light diffusers. This is ideal because standard fluorescent light -- while affordable and extremely energy efficient -- is known to emit troublesome harsh light, which can lead to a decrease in productivity and a host of health issues including migraines and eye strain.

This is specifically troubling for areas where fluorescent light covers are used the most, which is typically office buildings and work facilities -- including schools, hospitals, business, and home offices -- which are meant to stimulate productivity. This is where fluorescent light covers can be the ultimate lifesaver.

Another benefit of utilizing decorative fluorescent light covers is the fact that they have an incredible ability to effectively open up a tight space. For instance, if your home kitchen is cramped and without windows, then installing cloud light covers on your kitchen ceiling is ideal.

These light covers display clouds in a way that imitates the look and feel of a real sky light, without the ridiculous cost. In this way, decorative fluorescent light covers are the perfect solution for any tight area of your home or office.

Now that you know exactly how fluorescent light covers work, and a bit about the benefits of using them, in order to understand how they can be useful for your upcoming Christmas celebration, let’s explore the best holiday light covers available for this use in particular:

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Home Christmas Party

Typically, holiday parties are held in the home, but for homeowners entrusted with planning and hosting such a Christmas celebration, there is a massive amount of pressure to pull off the greatest holiday party possible.

Finding the right decor items to fill your home with can be a daunting task, and while holiday decor is sold throughout stores nationwide, you may find it difficult to find items that are both personal to your family while perfectly displaying the Christmas season. This is where Christmas light covers come in as the perfect solution.

Creating Custom Light Covers For Your Home Holiday Party

One of the best ways to showcase your love for the holidays, while also commemorating the best holiday moments with your family and friends is to create custom decorative fluorescent light covers.

These Christmas light covers can be created using photographs from holiday celebrations in the past, or your favorite photos of your children on Christmas opening their gifts. The possibilities are endless.

If you're not interested in showcasing photographs, then you can opt to create custom light covers using famous Christmas images and characters, including Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, and even holiday-themed phrases such as "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", "Joy to the World", and more!

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Holiday Office Party

Beyond holiday celebrations at home, it's standard for some business owners across the country to have office Christmas parties as well.

These get-togethers can be great for co-workers to mingle and unwind during the holiday season while enjoying delicious holiday treats and exchanging gifts -- in a holiday past time called "secret Santa". However

While business owners (or whoever is in charge of planning the holiday party) may find it perfectly adequate to simply install a few Christmas trees and Santa Claus themed decor throughout the office space, for some, an office Christmas party is one of the most important parts of the year.

This means simple decor that can be found at your local box store just won't do, and instead, you will be looking for something more eye-catching and customizable in terms of Christmas decor.

Decorative fluorescent light covers are perfect for this purpose, as they can easily be installed in business offices (which typically already have a slew of fluorescent light fixtures installed already). You could use ready-made light covers with more of a winter theme -- such as our landscape light covers -- to set the backdrop of your holiday party or you could create your own using photos and stills from holiday classics such as Christmas Carol, It's A Wonderful Life, The Grinch and more.

What's more? Fluorescent light covers can be left up all season long, as they are perfect for standard office holiday decor and can effectively increase productivity by decreasing the harsh light emitted by standard fluorescent light fixtures.

Searching For Fluorescent Light Covers Online

Now that you know what fluorescent light covers are capable of, in terms of enhancing your next Christmas party (no matter where it takes place), it's time to order them before December!

Octo Lights is the premier company for quality decorative light covers. Our products ship worldwide, and we offer the widest range of ready-made light covers you'll come across. Some of our most popular themed light covers include astronomy, beach, ocean, waterfall, and tree themes.

What's more? Octo Lights also gives you the option to create your very own custom light covers, which is something you won't find with similar light covers companies. The process for creating a custom decorative light cover couldn't be easier with Octo Lights. You simply choose your images, upload them to our website, and wait for a link in your email to be able to purchase your order.

The best part? Our holiday light covers are extremely easy to install, and if you should ever need assistance in doing so, you can visit our easy-to-comprehend installation guide on our website.

Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about any of our Christmas light covers or click here to see what some our past customers are saying about their experience with Octo Lights!