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Are Fluorescent Light Covers Suitable For Your Home?

Are Fluorescent Light Covers Suitable For Your Home?

8th Jan 2020

Where would we be without artificial lighting? Before the development of the electric light bulb, people had to do all of their work in sunlight. When dusk rolled around, it was either light some form of fire or go to sleep. With incandescent electric light bulbs, everything changed. Now people could work, shop, and play late into the night. More recently, CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs have mostly replaced incandescent. They use less electricity and last longer. Even with the growing popularity of LEDs, you would be hard-pressed to find a building that does not have at least one fluorescent or CFL bulb. That’s what makes fluorescent light covers so important.

Why You Should Cover Fluorescent Lights

Due to their harsh appearance, traditional fluorescent lights were often avoided in residential applications. But as CFLs became more popular, fluorescent light began to make its way into people’s homes. From a functional standpoint, the low-cost, energy-efficiency, and long life of a CFL makes it the obvious replacement for old incandescents. However, CFLs are still fluorescent lights, and many of the problems of traditional fluorescent tube lighting remain.

Fortunately, you can buy specialty fluorescent light covers that help tremendously. They make these types of lights more enjoyable without hindering their function. The covers help by shielding the volume of ultraviolet radiation that CFLs produce. These covers are also excellent for adequately dispersing light. They force the light to expand across a greater surface area. This equal diffusion makes for a more pleasant and less annoying glow.

The Looks of Decorative Covers

Aesthetically, decorative covers really bring fluorescent bulbs to life. Far from the conventional, basic plastic models that were first introduced years ago, modern fluorescent light covers come in all different colors and image combinations. We have a grand selection of products at Octo Lights that are ideal for any space, both residential and commercial. They are an affordable way to adorn your home or office with a unique lighting theme.

There’s nothing like looking up at your old fluorescent fixture and seeing a new image shining out at you. Whether you select a view of the ocean, space, or a tropical beach, your new light covers can take you all sorts of places. These beautifully backlit covers are a great way to improve the quality of the light in a room and update the decor. Click here to learn more about Octo Lights or to select your fluorescent light covers today.