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Fluorescent Light Covers for Teachers

Fluorescent Light Covers for Teachers

11th May 2018

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs out there. It is also one of the most important jobs. Educating the next generation can by a thankless job, so anything that can help teachers is a welcome support. Unfortunately, most schools were built with lighting that is not conducive to focus, concentration, and learning. In fact, the fluorescent lights in most school inhibit positivity and a learning attitude. At Octo Lights we understand the importance of fluorescent diffuser panels for teachers. They can be one more tool in a teacher’s arsenal.

Improving the Classroom

For many students, classrooms are not their favorite places. Especially among older students, classrooms can be one of the last places they want to spend time. No matter how good a teacher is, no matter how engaging the curriculum, the atmosphere of a classroom is hard to overcome.

There is a growing body of research on the effects of light on student behavior and learning outcomes. Some studies show that students who learn under fluorescent lights have significant deficits. Students who worked under standard cool blue or pink fluorescent lights consistently performed poorly on academic achievement tests. Compared to students with other types of lighting, they scored lower in all areas of testing on average. Students who were exposed to unfiltered fluorescent light also displayed behavioral issues at a higher rate than students with other sources of light.

It’s not just students who are affected by the unfiltered fluorescent light in so many schools. There is a large body of research on fluorescent lights in the workplace that indicates that adults suffer from fluorescent light exposure, too. Symptoms range from strained eyes, headaches, and migraines to sleep disturbances, difficulty focusing, and emotional changes. Teaching is hard enough. Subjecting teachers to this additional strain is tough on teachers and students.

Classrooms Are Changing

Many teachers have come up with creative ways to transform their classrooms. Some teachers use interesting wall decorations, posters, or hand made artwork to keep students engaged. In many lower school classrooms teachers have the ability to arrange their space creatively. With workstations, small tables, and tons of opportunities for colorful additions, lower school teachers are able to customize their rooms.

Depending on the age of students, many teachers have arranged their classrooms to be more beneficial to their students. Recent trends have shifted students out of rows of desks and into work pods, learning stations, and other more interesting and stimulating configurations. Teachers desks are also moving to the backs of classrooms or disappearing altogether. Teachers are spending more time walking around their classrooms and less time teaching from the front of the room.

But with all of these changes, the school buildings themselves rarely see improvements. School infrastructure is aging and in many cases falling apart. In some schools students don’t have adequate facilities, or even decent chairs to sit on. In this environment, it is unlikely that schools will have the funds or ability to replace all of their lighting. So no matter how much work a teacher puts into their classroom, the lighting in the room is hard to change.

Fluorescent Light in High Schools

High school classrooms can be harder to customize than lower school rooms. Often, classrooms use the same rows of desks that students’ parents and grandparents sat in. There is little room for innovation. With a more traditional approach to learning than many lower school classrooms, a high school teacher’s options are limited

It’s no surprise that many high school students compare going to school to going to a prison. With drab and aging schools, classroom ceiling décor is not at the forefront of educators’ minds. Often, hallways and classrooms are painted in dull colors. Floors of aging linoleum tile do little to perk up the room. With little room in their budgets, schools just don’t have the money to make changes.

With so little help from their schools, teachers are left to their own devices. Whether it’s purchasing school supplies or making their own photocopies, teachers end up spending a lot of their own money for their classrooms. Every dollar is precious. So teachers are looking for cost effective ways to make the most change in their classrooms.

Fluorescent Light Filters Make a Difference

When it comes to improving the learning environment is any classroom, the lighting can seem one of the hardest things to change. Teachers have little control over the school infrastructure and almost no control over the fluorescent lights in their rooms. But one way to improve the lighting is to install decorative light covers. At less than $30 a piece, fluorescent diffuser panels are a cost effective way to create an immediate change in the learning environment of a classroom. And they are much more than just decoration.

Decorative light covers are also known as fluorescent diffuser panels and fluorescent light filters. This is because they are much more than decoration. Fluorescent light filters actually filter the harsh light that comes out of fluorescent light fixtures. They diffuse the light and change the color of the light that reaches the students and teachers. In this way they can reduce or reverse many of the adverse effects of fluorescent light exposure.

Many Octo Lights customers in schools, offices, medical settings, and other locations report positive changes after installing their light covers. A common reported improvement is that a customer finds the light more relaxing, or that their headaches and eye strain have gotten better or completely vanished. Another common response is that customers love the ambience created by their light covers. The high quality, vibrant images on Octo Lights decorative light covers make them a brilliant way to change the feeling of any space.

A Cost Effective Change

Decorative fluorescent light filters are incredibly cost effective. At less than $30 a piece, they are a relatively small investment in your space. They are also easy to install. Simply unlatch the existing cover of your light fixture with a screwdriver or penny. The cover will swing open from one side. Place the Octo Lights light cover on the existing plastic cover image side down. Then swing the cover back into place and lock it again. That’s all it takes. There is no cost for professional installation and very little time investment.

Compared to installing new fixtures, fluorescent light covers give you an amazing bang for your buck. New light fixture can cost hundred of dollars just for the fixtures. Add to that the cost of professional installation and you can end up spending a thousand dollars or more to change out a few lights in your room. Compare that with less than a hundred dollars to change three fixtures, and you will see why so many people are turning to Octo Lights to improve their lighting.

Ordering is Easy

Octo Lights fluorescent light covers are cost effective and easy to install. They are also very easy to order in just a few simple steps. Simply select your image, or upload one of your own. Then choose a size and check out. We’ll ship your light covers in 1-2 business days via FedEx. You can easily have your light covers within a week of ordering.

You can always trust that you are getting the best price and the best service with Octo Lights. If your light covers arrive with any sort of damage, they are easy to return. We’ll make it right and get you new light covers at no cost to you. And with our low price guarantee, you know you are getting the absolute lowest price. If you find another comparable light cover at a lower price, we’ll refund the difference and then some! Shop our wide selection of fluorescent light filters for classrooms.

If you are ready to transform your space, don’t wait. Order today!