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Fluorescent Lighting Is Bright Efficient Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting Is Bright Efficient Lighting

26th May 2016

In today's world it is more important than ever before to make full use of existing resources. This is especially true when it comes to interior lighting for a home or office environment. Fluorescent lighting is an excellent option for lighting any type of interior space while saving money, time and trouble over the long term. This type of lighting is long lasting, efficient and produces noticeably bright levels of illumination. Many experts agree that this type of light bulb is far superior to standard incandescent light bulbs. Scroll down to learn about the high efficiency of fluorescent lighting.

Less Energy Usage

As a note, one money-saving tip that should be considered when using fluorescent light bulbs is to use a dimmer switch when and where possible. This along with turning lights off more frequently when not in use can save money as it relates to energy usage. This can also reduce the frequency with which light bulbs must be replaced. While fluorescent light bulbs require replacement far less frequently than incandescent light bulbs, their life can be extended substantially by following the simple practices. As an added bonus, fluorescent light bulbs have less of an impact on the environment. Less energy usage simply means less pollution.

Virtually Any Length

Best of all, fluorescent bulbs come in many different styles and designs. From standard bulbs to circular style bulbs and even U-shaped bulbs, the possibilities are endless for those who are trying to create greater functionality and greater visual appeal. Because fluorescent bulbs can be chosen in virtually any length of up to almost 100 inches, they are ideal for large manufacturing plants and industrial plants. These bulbs can be used virtually anywhere and can be outfitted with many different types of fixtures including fluorescent light panels. Light panels or sky panels as they are sometimes called can greatly enhance interior visual appeal.

Environmentally Friendly

From dental offices to medical facilities and retail outlets as well as residential homes, sky panels can add a level of uniqueness that would otherwise not be possible. While fluorescent bulbs may initially cost slightly more than incandescent bulbs, they will ultimately pay for themselves over the life of the product. Because this type of bulb is more environmentally friendly and brighter it has become the preferred type of lighting for both residential and commercial users. As an added bonus, fluorescent lighting can often be used in places where previously incandescent bulbs were used.

Possibilities Are Virtually Endless

This makes retrofitting an interior space easy and convenient. Perhaps one of the top reasons for choosing fluorescent lighting is because sky covers or sky panels can be added in a custom and unique way. From flower light covers to astronomy light covers as well as kid’s light covers and many other types of covers based on custom images, the possibilities are virtually endless. Octo Lights is a proven leader in the industry when it comes to the very best in fluorescent light panel technology. Contact Octo Lights today to learn more.