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Home Lighting Ideas For Your Ceilings and Walls

Home Lighting Ideas For Your Ceilings and Walls

6th Dec 2020

If you are looking for some home lighting ideas for your ceilings and walls, look no further than decorative light covers. Decorative fluorescent light covers can be used to create some astonishing effects that you and your family will love. Your visitors will be amazed at your creativity – and it is all so simple to achieve.

You can choose from our fantastic selection of standard light lenses, or we can create one just for you. More on that later—for now, let's discuss what you can do with them and where they can be used. First, the where. There is one simple answer to that—anywhere and everywhere.

Where to Use Decorative Light Covers

You can use decorative light covers anywhere you have fluorescent or LED lighting units. However, they work best if your lighting is fitted with a diffuser panel to provide a more even light distribution. They are not good with spotlights, for example.

Many people use fluorescent lighting in their kitchens. If you fit a diffuser over the light unit, you can then slip a light cover over that—between the diffuser panel and the light source—to create some beautiful effects. However, if you want to use them as a general way of lighting your home uniquely, most people have their ceilings fitted with LED or fluorescent lamps. This can drop your ceiling height by a few inches, but not so much that it looks appreciably lower.

Many offices have this type of diffuse fluorescent lighting, and it is becoming more popular in domestic situations – mainly kitchens, bathrooms, and sometimes bedrooms. However, with the increasing popularity and availability of decorative light covers, they are also becoming more common in sitting rooms, lounges, and dining rooms. They sure make for great conversation topics!

Home Lighting Ideas

Here are some home lighting ideas using decorative light covers. First, consider the bathroom. Imagine looking up at a beautiful ocean scene—fish swimming about, and dolphins or even sharks. It is all back-lit and entirely lifelike, as though you were looking up from the bottom of a crystal clear ocean. Or perhaps a beautiful tranquil beach scene, or you can use sky-and-cloud panels to give you the impression of a beautiful sunny sky above you.

Maybe you have children that find it difficult to get to sleep at night. One or two decorative light covers above their bed could be used as the basis for a bedtime story or even just to amuse them while they get sleepier and sleepier.

Flowers look nice, while we have one children's panel showing a panda hanging from a tree. You can also send us a digital image file that might amuse your kids – or might even become the subject of a story you could make up for them. Such home lighting ideas are restricted only by your own imagination.

Custom Decorative Light Covers

If you have images you would like to see shining down from your ceiling, simply send them to us in .jpg or another image format, and we can create light lenses for you using those images. They could be holiday scenes, photos of your children, or even paintings or drawings. How would you kids feel if one of their drawings lit up their bedroom?

A page on the website explains all you need to know about custom light panels. It's easy to do, and they are the same price as our standard designs. Send us the image file, we process it and print it onto a flexible matte polyester sheet, and you can then slip that into your decorative light panel.

Home Lighting Ideas Using Decorative Light Covers

One of the more imaginative home lighting ideas we have come across is decorative light covers on walls. It makes sense because fluorescent light tubes look great when installed on a wall, fitted with a diffuser cover, and then decorated with a decorative light cover, also known as a light lens. They are typically used on ceilings, but there is no reason why you can't use them on your walls, too.

Decorative light covers are a fantastic way of decorating your walls in a fabulously imaginative way and have all your visiting neighbors green with envy. Before you know it, they will all have them! As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

It doesn't matter—ceiling, walls, or on the side of a kitchen cabinet: wherever they are used, decorative light covers can create astonishing home décor lighting effects. Look around you – create your own home lighting ideas. Anything that you can photograph, even with your phone, can soon be shining down on you from your ceiling.