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Incandescent vs Fluorescent

4th Sep 2012

Around the world the consumption of energy is quickly gaining on the production of energy. It’s a global problem and getting worse every year. This has forced some countries to go as far as pushing through legislation and new laws banning the sale of the old style, incandescent light bulbs in favor of the new options that are on the market, including florescent bulbs. It will soon be impossible in the EU and it already is illegal in the United States to sell the Edison-type bulb, which of course is being done to force people to convert to the newer, energy stingy bulbs that have been developed in several countries. In the EU they are set to begin a forced ban on the older bulbs in September, the final phase of a plan that first started in 2008 when it was passed through legislative act through the EU congress. The old bulbs will remain for sale wherever there is stock already on the shelves in stores but, as far as production, it will grind to a final halt forever the production of the bulbs that lit up the 20th century. Change, however, is never easy. There are many critics of the new bulbs, some of whom don’t like that the government has decided what’s good for them and what’s not. They see it as an act of a government that wants to control the people. The simple fact is, however, that the vast majority of electricity consuming humans would not make the change unless they were forced to. Sad but true. The fact is, in many countries the only way to create great change is to force it onto the people. In most cases I must admit that I would be against something like this but in this case I will admit that, if the bulbs do prove as energy-conserving as they say, we might actually be doing more good than harm for a change. Making the switch to the new bulbs an order, not a request, may prove to be a damn fine decision someday. In any case the hope for this mass bulb switching is that it will have a positive effect on the energy crisis that many countries are experiencing. Only time will tell whether it will make that much of a difference but here’s hoping that if creates a change for the better.