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Innovative Lighting For Surgical Offices And Medical Facilities

Innovative Lighting For Surgical Offices And Medical Facilities

19th Jul 2017

Surgeons, general medical care providers and dental care providers are beginning to understand the importance of adding innovative and unique types of lighting to waiting rooms and procedures rooms as a way to enhance the patient experience.

Surgeons are particularly open to the idea of modified fluorescent lighting in order to relax patients waiting for a procedure that is to be performed. Even minor surgical procedures can create a level of anxiety in patients that can be mitigated and reduced by using transformative types of lighting covers.

For example, decorative light or fluorescent lighting panels with imprinted images can create a relaxing, calming and welcoming environment for patients who are requiring surgery.

Even dental care providers can outfit a ceiling with unique florescent light sky panels as a way to make even the most simple of dental procedures more relaxed. While medical facilities have always used music, artwork and other features to relax patients, modified fluorescent lighting is becoming the new standard.

Decorative lighting in surgical offices has been shown to have a direct effect on mood, emotions and feelings in people of all ages.

Modern Fluorescent Light Covers

Octo Lights is a trusted name in transformative fluorescent lighting that is used to change a room in a most pleasing way. Fluorescent light covers are currently available in a vast array of stunning and attractive designs intended to take a room to the next level.

From illuminating a home to an office or even an entire office building, using light covers is a smart and innovative way of making a space nicer and more livable. Churches, schools and retail outlets as well as office buildings and even manufacturing and industrial plants can benefit substantially from all that modern light panels make possible.

These decorative recessed light covers have the advantage of also producing softer and more pleasing light for the human eye. This is a key consideration because harsh direct fluorescent lighting that is raw and unfiltered can be damaging and can cause a number of medical related issues.

For example, excessive exposure to fluorescent lights that has not been diffused or softened can produce substantial headaches. In some cases these headaches can be debilitating and cause employees to miss work.

Relaxing Environment Using Fluorescent Light Covers

Fluorescent light covers for ceiling lights ensure that employees will be more productive and happier at work. Best of all, these lenses for fluorescent lighting can be produced using just about any type of theme imaginable.

From cloud-based themes to astronomy themes and children's themes as well as science themes and waterfall themes the possibilities are endless.

As an added advantage, surgical offices, general medical care facilities and dental offices can even custom create the perfect decorative light panel based upon unique and personalized images that can be uploaded directly to the Octo Lights website. It is this level of customization that makes it possible to produce a perfect and most relaxing environment.

Octo Lights is a company that is committed to the environment through saving and recycling. All fluorescent light panels offered by the company are produced using UL certified self-extinguishing materials. This means that the light covers manufactured by the company are safe for installation in schools, homes, hospitals and offices.

Light Fixture Covers That Last A Long Time 

As an added benefit, modern sky panel covers can easily transform the fluorescent lighting in a surgical office waiting room or surgical procedure room ultimately reducing anxiety and nervousness in patients.

Octo Lights is a trusted and respected name in sky panel light covers because the company recycles, offers quantity discounts and fast shipping. In addition, the company makes use of the latest and most innovative types of water-based ink.

This ink is UV resistant and water-based thereby decreasing the overall impact on the environment and ensures that all fluorescent light fixture covers last a long time. Because of their durability, ease of care and ease of installation, these covers only continue to become more popular with surgical offices, medical care facilities and dental care providers.

High Quality Backlit Film That Is Safe And Colorful

While many customers choose to upload custom images, those who simply do not have time or resources to create their own images can choose from a vast array of stock unique and beautifully attractive light covers based on many different types of themes.

From quasars to planet images and images of other types of beauty found throughout the universe, astronomy is a popular option today. In addition, those who love the ocean and the water will find that ocean images as well as beach scenes and even images of rivers and lakes can create a truly relaxing environment in a medical facility or medical waiting room.

High quality backlit film that is safe and colorful can effectively replace harsh fluorescent lighting. A light diffuser panel transforms unhealthy lighting into beautiful, warm and soft lighting that radiates throughout an entire room.

Quality Will Always Shine Through

With Octo Lights all purchases are printed to order guaranteeing that the product will last a long time. A dedication and commitment to quality customer service and only the highest quality products and materials used in the manufacturing of light covers means this is a company that simply gets it right when it comes to decorative lighting.

Whether choosing ocean light covers or tree light covers as well as even flag light covers and many other options, one thing is sure and that is that the quality will always shine through.

Octo Lights is proud of its 100% money back guarantee ensuring that if a customer is not happy with their lighting covers for any reason that they have two weeks from delivery date to choose either a different design or simply receive a refund.

This is further proof that Octo Lights is a company that stands behind its promises. Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about decorative fluorescent light panels for surgical offices, medical facilities and dental care offices across the country.