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Keeping Your Business Festive For The Holidays With Decorative Light Covers

Keeping Your Business Festive For The Holidays With Decorative Light Covers

5th Dec 2017

When it comes to small businesses, aesthetics and appearance of your establishment -- no matter if its a restaurant/cafe, retail store, specialty shop or anything else -- is almost as important as the goods or services you offer.

This means ensuring your place of business is aesthetically pleasing is a key element to retaining existing customers and attracting new customers. While cleanliness and keeping your business's items in order is the first step in keeping customers' eye happy, you should also be paying attention to subtle decor and wall art to make your establishment stand out.

Additionally, you should also ensure to keep your establishment festive, no matter what holiday or season you're in. With Christmas around the corner, everywhere from your local mom and pop store to your corporate chain box store will be implementing holiday decor to show their ability to be festive while putting a smile on their customer's faces.

If your business doesn't already have holiday decor throughout the space -- including Christmas trees, lights, stockings or garland -- you still have time to do so. However, if you want to implement something a bit more unique to help showcase the Christmas season while helping you stand out from the crowd, you should consider something a bit more outside-of-the-box.

After all, the goal is to show your customers your willingness to be festive during the holidays while also showcasing any holiday sales or products to entice their business.

While you can always find holiday decor items at your local box store, in order to bring a more personalized and impressive look and feel to your establishment for the holiday season, you'll need to look for something that allows customization and stands out from the rest of the holiday decor readily available.

Installing Decorative Light Covers For Your Business This Holiday Season

In terms of offering your business a way to showcase festiveness for the holiday season, while also being completely unique and impressive for your customers, nothing can compare to decorative fluorescent light covers.

Light covers have been steadily growing in popularity due to their incredible ability to transform any space into a work of art while offering a wide range of additional benefits. For instance, standard fluorescent light fixtures -- while affordable and extremely energy efficient -- are known to emit harsh light that can cause a host of problems including migraines, headaches, eye strain and a decrease in productivity.

This presents problems when fluorescent lighting is installed in commercial spaces such as work offices, schools/classrooms, businesses, or medical spaces like hospitals and dental offices, as these areas are meant to be calming and to encourage productivity.

This is why decorative light diffusers are so useful, especially in these areas in particular. Because light covers are installed directly over any existing fluorescent light fixture, they act as a diffuser while still offering the same benefits.

Light covers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, however, the one common trait of a decorative light cover is their ability to wow on-lookers by displaying an array of images. For example, installing astronomy light covers on your bedroom ceiling will give you the same effect of a real skylight; making it appear as if you have a wonderful view of the night sky without the cost of actually installing new windows.

With this method, you'll also be able to create the illusion of added space, which is why decorative light covers are perfect for cramped spaces in your home, office, or anywhere else.

Now that you know just what decorative light diffusers are capable of, in order to understand what they can do for your business in terms of complimenting your holiday decor, let’s explore a few examples for using light covers in this way:

Custom Holiday Fluorescent Light Covers In Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant comes with a set of challenges that can't be overlooked. One of these challenges, beyond offering the tastiest food items, is creating an atmosphere that is both unique and inviting.

Competition is always looming to take customers away from your establishment, which is why paying attention to your restaurant's decor is a great step to take in terms of creating a divide between your restaurant and the one down the street.

When it comes to the holiday season, every restaurant you visit will surely pull out all the stops to have the most festive Christmas decorations throughout their dining spaces in order to keep their customers happy. However, you can still stand out from other restaurants on the block by installing custom holiday decorative light diffusers, which may even help when it comes to promoting special holiday menu items.

Custom light covers can be created using images of your holiday specials (or any dish or beverage for that matter) with a holiday border included. Or you can even create custom light covers using a recent holiday advertisement for an item on your menu or your restaurant in general.

Holiday Themed Decorative Light Covers In Your Retail Space

By visiting any retail space -- no matter if it's a clothing and apparel store, or a specialty pet shop -- around this time of year and you'll surely notice some sort of holiday theming and decorations.

It's no secret that most consumers spend money the most around Christmas time, as gifts for their family and friends is a holiday tradition, which is why the season is so celebrated in the retail industry. With that said, any retail space can benefit from installing holiday decor that separates the establishment from the competition while also helping to promote products.

When it comes to topping your retail space off in terms of holiday decorations, nothing can compare to decorative fluorescent light covers. For example, shoe stores can install custom light covers that display special holiday sales for a particular shoe brand in addition to light covers that display images of Santa Claus, elves, snowflakes, and more.

You could use light covers throughout your retail space (on your ceiling) or even use them in the front of your shop as a means to attract potential customers that might be walking or driving by.

Decorative light covers can also be used to create faux windows in small or cramped retail spaces to create the illusion of added space and light. This is something your customers will appreciate and requires no effort as Octo Lights has a wide selection of ready-made light covers (such as our landscape or tree light covers) that are ready to be delivered and easy to install.

Finding Custom Holiday Light Covers For Your Business Online

Now that you know how useful decorative fluorescent light covers can be for helping a business be more festive the holiday season, you may be wondering "where do I find them for my business?". 

Thankfully, you're in the right place! Octo Lights is the world's leader in quality decorative fluorescent light covers. Our online store offers a wide range of decorative light covers to anyone around the globe. Some of our most popular light covers include our cloud, tree, astronomy, waterfall, flower, beach, and ocean themed light covers.

The reason why our customers love Octo Lights is the fact that our light covers are so flexible in terms of where they can be utilized. While light covers are typically seen in homes and offices, they can also be useful for medical spaces such as hospitals and pediatrician offices or even schools as a way to aid in learning.

Why You Should Choose Octo Lights For The Holidays

While Octo Lights has an array of ready-made decorative fluorescent light covers available on our website, in order to meet the needs of businesses this holiday season, we recommend creating your own.

Custom light covers can be made quickly and easily on our website. The process begins by choosing your image (based on our requirements), uploading your image to our site and waiting for a link to make your purchase. It's that simple!

We've helped hundreds of businesses promote their brand with custom light covers displaying logos and promotional advertisements. What's more? Our decorative fluorescent light covers are incredibly easy to install. If you should ever need any assistance installing your order, you can contact one of our associates or simply visit our Installation Guide page for easy-to-comprehend, step-by-step instructions.

Eco-Friendly Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers From Octo Lights

Beyond our eclectic selection of ready-made decorative light covers and the fact that we let our customers create their own, another reason you should choose Octo Lights is that we are one of the only light cover companies out there dedicated to eco-friendliness.

All of our products are produced using UV-resistant water-based inks, which helps us lessen our impact on the planet and allows our eco-conscious customers to feel extremely comfortable ordering from us.

To learn more about any of our decorative fluorescent light covers, contact Octo Lights today. Or click here to see what some of our satisfied customers are saying about their experience with Octo Lights!