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LED lightbulb can be controlled via Bluetooth

10th Sep 2012

Around the world there is a real push by the people who run things to make the change from old-style incandescent bulbs to the new technology lights like LEDs that use less energy and create less waste. One of the biggest obstacles in this push to make the change is simply this; people. The new technologies represent a change and, as with practically all great changes that have occurred in human history, this change is being met with a lot of hostility, criticism and just plain stubbornness. The fact is, people are used to their incandescent bulbs and don’t want to let go of them. There is, however, a new push to make the bulbs popular with the people who matter most; young, technically savvy people who have as much attachment to the older style bulbs as a moth has to a dark room. By showing our young people how this new technology can help light their world in a new way and by allowing them to interact with and use these new bulbs in interesting ways youth around the world will hopefully begin to show an affinity for the new bulbs and increase their usage. One of the creative ways that this is being done was recently featured on CNET in Australia. A new app was shown that has been developed to let people (read; young people) use their mobile devices to control the new 5watt RGB LED light bulb.  Using the app anyone will be able to turn their lights on and off and a number of other cool features too like program it to go on and off at certain times and to dim also.  It will even let the user change the color of the light being emitted. Very cool. There will only be a few devices that will be able to use the app at first but, as with any technology, if it becomes popular you can look for ALL of the device makers to start developing their own apps to perform the same function. The manufacturer of the new bulb has promised that they will be available for sale in the United States within 2 months at a price of $25.00 Since the youth of this world are also our future it only seems fitting that they will be the ones to make the change to the new lighting technology happen. Hopefully it will happen with other technologies as well, and fast.