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How to Maximize Profits Using Your Ceiling and Walls

How to Maximize Profits Using Your Ceiling and Walls

30th Sep 2016

Do you know how to maximize profits using your store or office ceilings and walls? Are you aware of the advertising potential of these normally blank spaces? If not, you are missing a fabulous opportunity to push your products and offers right in front of the eyes of your customers or clients! How is that done?  Here’s how!

First, let’s look at what you might be missing. You may have customers who regularly visit your store but are not aware of the entire range of products you can offer them – or even what offers are available. You might have clients or suppliers visiting your office who are aware only of the materials or products they sell to you or buy from you. Here’s how to change all that. Here’s how to maximize profits by using your empty walls and ceilings.

Using Fluorescent Light Covers For Advertising

Most offices have fluorescent lights these days. If not, they will likely be using LED lighting. Whatever they use, office glare is unacceptable even if only for health and safety reasons. For that one reason, plus potentially many others, such lighting tends to be covered with light diffuser panels. So the office lighting comprises a number of LED lamps or fluorescent light tubes passing light through frosted glass or plastic panels.

Why not use that space and that lighting system to advertise your products and/or special offers?   Here at Octolights, tube or LED lamp) and the diffuser panel. These custom fluorescent light covers can be printed with virtually any image you want. Because they are backlit by the light source, they appear brightly lit up on your ceiling.

How to Maximize Profits With Images

We can create custom fluorescent light covers that can be slipped between the light source (fluorescent or LED) and the diffuser light panel. If your office has backlit ceiling panels then you can do the same. Display products that you offer, and/or those that are made using your products.

You can have the same design on all the panels, but why not display photographs of your products up there on your ceiling? Show your special offers if you have any. We can print any image file you send us, including jpeg photos of your products and offers. You can display a different image on every light panel! Use your imagination and consider the in-house or in-store advertising potential that gives you.

Hey – I Didn’t Know You Offered That Product!

A buyer or client might walk into your office and his or her eye might be caught by your ceiling décor – hard to miss to be honest. They might look up and say “Hey – I didn’t know you could offer that product. Let’s discuss prices.”

A sales rep could walk in, look up, and say “Hey – I didn’t know you made these.  Can I give you a good deal on the raw materials?”  It’s a win-win situation. You cannot lose by it, but you sure can gain by:

A) Providing your clients with a wider view of the products and services you have to offer.

B) Providing your suppliers with a more comprehensive view of what you sell and how they can help you.

C) Provide your office staff with a more interest ceiling to gaze up at when they have run out of work to do.

D) Reduce the likelihood of c) through a) and b)!

How to Maximize Profits Using Your Walls

Buy why stop at your ceilings? There is no reason why lighting cannot be installed on your walls. You just need one or two fluorescent tubes on the wall. Covered with a diffuser panel and then slip a printed a fluorescent light cover between the diffuser panel and the light source.

The custom fluorescent wall light cover is printed with your products, offers, messages or anything else you want. Your walls are being used to make money. That is how to maximize profits using your ceilings and your walls. Why does it work? Here’s why!

Maximize Profits – Why Does it Work?

It works because people rarely associate ceilings with advertising. They associate them with lighting. Some clients will be impressed by your ingenuity and originality of thought. Others will be impressed by your range of products and they way you present them. If you own a store, customers can see your offers in backlit detail – many people are impressed by this type of presentation and it often persuades them to buy!

There are very few reasons why you cannot sell more and maximize profits using your ceiling and walls. All it takes is for you to get active, make the decision and then have it done. The cost to a business is not high, but the potential income can be very high. Impress people. Make them notice your products. That’s how to maximize profits, so get going and click on our Octolights Contact Page Now!