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Ring In The New Year With Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Home

Ring In The New Year With Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Home

20th Dec 2017

As crazy as it may seem, with January nearing, 2017 will soon be coming to an end. With 2018 looming, many folks will be looking to make significant changes to their life (sometimes referred to as resolutions) -- whether it be to lose weight, become more charitable, or travel more frequently.

For some, however, the new year is the ideal opportunity to not only improve themselves but their surroundings. This means homeowners will be looking to boost the value of their homes, either with a remodel or a complete redesign of their property's interior and exterior.

While a remodel can certainly be suitable for some homeowners, most simply don't have the budget to make massive changes to their home. Sadly, this can lead to putting off your goal of improving your home.

Failing to update your home can cause damage beyond simply causing you to miss out on your new year's resolution. With an outdated interior, you will run into massive issues when it comes time to sell your property, as home buyers are more than averse to purchasing older homes, which can mean the home is concealing a host of pricey problems.

Fortunately, there are much simpler ways of boosting your home's aesthetic design that won't force you to break the bank. One of the best methods to easily and affordably improve your home's look and feel is to install decorative fluorescent light covers.

What Are Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers?

Decorative fluorescent light covers are quickly growing in popularity (mainly) due to their innate ability to transform any space into a jaw-dropping work of art.

While fluorescent light covers are typically used in the home and office, they have recently become popular for their applications in additional spaces such as hospitals and emergency rooms, classrooms and schools, along with a wide range of businesses.

One of the main reasons why decorative fluorescent light covers have been deemed so useful is the fact that they act as a shield to traditional fluorescent light fixtures, which are known to emit harsh light that can lead to a host of issues including migraines/headaches, eye strain, and a decrease in productivity.

This is why fluorescent lighting -- while being the most affordable and energy efficient lighting option out there -- are not ideal for places meant to encourage productivity and work such as business offices. Luckily, with light covers, these spaces receive all of the benefits of traditional fluorescent lighting without any of the adverse effects; increasing productivity significantly.

Decorative fluorescent light covers boost any room's appearance instantly, and can even provide cramped spaces with the illusion of more space. For instance, when you install cloud light covers on your kitchen ceiling, you get the same effect as if you were to install real skylights. This is because the images of the clouds will create a faux-window on your ceiling, and windows are known to increase space.

Now that you're aware of what decorative fluorescent light covers are capable of, and why they're so useful in a myriad of applications, in order to understand their use when it comes to improving your home's appearance, let's explore some of the best light covers available for this purpose.

Decorative Light Covers To Help Reinvigorate Your Living Room

For most homeowners, the living room is the quintessential space to focus on when it comes to improvements. This is because the living room is the one space you and your family spend time together the most.

The living room is also an area where guests gather and one of the first spaces any potential home buyers will see when visiting your home. Because of this, an outdated living room space severely undercuts a home's value and might make you unwilling to spend time in this space.

To remedy this, some homeowners will try to bring in new flooring, wall colors, furniture and may even consider expanding the room itself. However, these are all expensive endeavors, which may require years of saving in order to complete.

If you're looking for an instant improvement in your living room, then you should seriously consider installing decorative fluorescent light covers in this area of your home.

One of the best options when it comes to decorative fluorescent light covers for your living room is landscape light covers from Octo Lights. These light covers display gorgeous mountainscapes and can help you create an incredible accent wall that will instantly modernize your living room space.

These light covers go with any decor or furniture, so you don't have to worry about fit, you simply install them and your living room will have the perfect feature wall to increase the look and feel of your living space.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers To Help Update Your Kitchen

One of the most important aspects of any good home is the kitchen. This is because a kitchen should offer function in addition to aesthetic design.

After all, the kitchen is where you and your family members will spend countless hours, creating long-lasting memories while preparing and cooking delicious meals together. With this in mind, having an updated kitchen that can accommodate all of the function you and your family will need is important now and in the future. After all, an outdated or cramped kitchen can have a seriously negative impact on your home selling prospects.

Just like your living room, you can (of course) remedy an outdated kitchen with pricey kitchen appliances, new flooring or even a full kitchen expansion, however, if you're pressed for budget, you may find it difficult to complete any or all of these tasks.

Thankfully, you can upgrade and update your kitchen instantly and affordably with decorative fluorescent light covers. As we mentioned earlier in this post, you can use cloud light covers to create the illusion of a real sky light, but these aren't the only light covers available that will offer this type of effect.

Astronomy light covers will provide the same trick. These light covers display gorgeous star systems, galaxies, and nebulae, and will look amazing in any style or size kitchen. Not only do these light covers look intriguing, but they'll also create the illusion of more space; making them perfect for cramped kitchens.

Decorative Light Covers To Help Reinvigorate Your Bedrooms

While not nearly as important as your living spaces or kitchen, your bedrooms are still a key selling point for your home.

Luckily, even if you have an outdated bedroom in your home, you won't need to consider extensive remodeling in order to upgrade this space. You can easily bring your bedroom up to date by opting for decorative fluorescent light covers.

One of the best light covers to utilize in your bedroom are waterfall light covers from Octo Lights. These light covers showcase a range of jaw-dropping waterfall scenes from different parts of the world and are ideal to give your bedroom an incredible accent wall.

The best part about using waterfall light covers is the fact that they're neutral in terms of design, which means they'll go perfect no matter who's bedroom you're installing these light covers in. They will also work well with any color scheme or bedroom decor you may already have.