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Sky-and-Cloud Panels Offer Restful Views In Hospital Rooms And Wards

Sky-and-Cloud Panels Offer Restful Views In Hospital Rooms And Wards

15th Nov 2020

Sky-and-cloud panels are peaceful and restful to look at in any situation. But one innovative use is in hospitals where they provide restful views in hospital rooms and a sense of peace to patients who need it. Sky-and-cloud panels feature views of clouds and summer skies, or they can display night scenes with planets, stars, and galaxies. But just as important as what they are is what they replace. They replace glaring fluorescent tubes or LED lamps shining down into the eyes of tired patients.

Sky-and-Cloud Panels Day And Night: From Blue Skies To Galaxies

What people in a hospital need most is peace, tranquility, and an environment that enables them to rest quietly. And sky-and-cloud panels on the ceiling can go a long way towards achieving that goal. These simple printed plastic sheets lay on top of the diffuser panels in hospital lighting systems and filter the light. They also display brilliant, realistic images of the day or nighttime sky. Doctors and dentists use them for the same reason as hospitals. They calm people down and offer them a view that evokes nature and the outdoors. What better way is there to calm a patient than with a light panel showing off a beautiful blue sky decorated with fluffy clouds?

Nighttime in a hospital can be challenging for some patients. The lights never really go off, and the hospital room is often full of strange sights, sounds, and smells. Many patients have difficulty sleeping, even with a sedative. But sky-and-cloud panels can help create restful views in hospital rooms. Nothing is more soothing than a natural tableau of the night sky filled with moonlight and twinkling stars. Patients can gaze up at the panels and take their minds off their illness for a while. Soon, exhausted patients are sound asleep. If they wake during the night, they might look up and see a night sky scene. Night sky-and-cloud panels are just as easy to install as daylight sky-and-cloud panels. They can provide restful views in hospital rooms at night when it is hard for patients to get cozy and rest.

Restful Views In Hospital Rooms With Sky-and-Cloud Panels On Walls

Decorative light panels look great on the ceiling. And the same can be true of the walls in hospital rooms. Hospitals can make rooms look larger by installing sky-and-cloud panels on the walls in addition to the ceilings. Sure, you rarely find fluorescent or LED lighting panels on walls, but there is no reason why not. It’s just as easy to light up a wall as a ceiling—in fact, it may be even easier. Simply secure a bank of two or three fluorescent light tubes to the wall, cover them with a diffuser panel, and then insert the sky panel between the tubes and the diffuser.

If you don’t have a diffuser, install a plain glass or plastic sheet and place the decorative panel right on the glass. Sky-and-cloud panels are usually printed onto a thick matte polyester film. This works just as well as a diffuser panel to diffuse the light from the bare bulbs. It also provides even lighting in the room and makes the image look more natural. Because sky-and-cloud panels are photographs of real cloud systems and blue skies, they look very natural with backlighting.

Decorative Light Panels Are Cost-Effective

Decorative light panels are available in all standard light panel dimensions, and prices run from $24.99 to $29.99 depending on size. We can also cut panels to custom sizes. Sky-and-cloud panels won’t be a large item on a hospital budget, even if they’re installed in many rooms. And peaceful rest, which is what sky-and-cloud panels can provide, is well worth the investment by any hospital.

Check out our daytime and nighttime panels to find your new favorites!