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The lighting system of the future has arrived.

18th Jan 2013

Imagine this; you arrive home at the end of the day and pull into your parking lot. As you do the LED lights in your garage, on your porch and in the living room all sense that you’ve arrived and start turning themselves on.  They use different light colors too, depending on the part of the house they’re located.  As you move from the garage to the kitchen the garage lights turn off automatically and the kitchen lights turn on, all without you lifting a finger.  As you go from room to room they turn on and off and, once you’re sitting down to relax, they emit the specific colors that you need to relax you and stimulate melatonin production so that, in a few short hours, you’ll be ready to go to sleep.   Is this something from a science fiction movie?  No, it’s not fiction at all but the new RoboSmart LED light bulb.  This brand new bulb is the first of its kind to combine the energy efficiency of LED lights with the communication benefits of Bluetooth, creating a bulb that not only uses much less energy but is also fully programmable in dozens of different ways and for all sorts of interesting uses.   Using Bluetooth technology these new bulbs can be programmed, using the app that comes with them, to do things that have never before been possible with any type of bulb.  You can use the app to fully customize your entire home’s light system and it works on both the Apple and Android operating system. The RoboSmart bulb can thus be controlled with any mobile device that is Bluetooth enabled and the app lets the user program the bulbs in a myriad of different ways.   Each new bulb comes with the new low energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection as well as real-time clocks and memory all built in. What’s fantastic is that they look just like regular LED bulbs and are just as easy to screw in and out of any light socket.  Once you’ve installed the ‘Smart Lights’ app on your mobile phone you’re ready to go!   Now you can control the brightness of any bulb in your home as well as putting it on a timer and creating rules for it to go on and off based on where you are (proximity alerts).  Want your bulbs to turn on in the den and the kitchen when you get home?  No problem.  Want the dining room lights to light up slowly and stay low while you have dinner?  No problem.  Heck, these new bulbs can even alert you to emails and social media messages that you have waiting for you online! Once programmed you don’t have to do anything else because the Bluetooth connection will handle it all.   Even better, everyone in the house can use the RoboSmart bulb if they have a Bluetooth connection on their phone and program them to do exactly what they’d like.  Brightness, colors, timing, proximity and more are all easily programmed and controlled. Each RoboSmart bulb has 100 levels of brightness too for incredibly specific control of how much light is emitted.   The manufacturer of the new RoboSmart LED / Bluetooth bulb states that these bulbs will be able to pay for themselves much quicker than traditional bulbs and even older model LED bulbs.  They even have a power monitoring and reporting function so that you know how much energy they’re using!   It’s the future of lighting and it’s being realized today.  If you’re keen on being able to have specific control over your entire home’s lighting system then keep an eye out of the new RoboSmart LED bulb.  It’s got the connections you desire and will light your world like no other bulb ever has.