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The Resurgence of Vintage Industrial Lighting

The Resurgence of Vintage Industrial Lighting

26th Oct 2015

The sale of previously owned homes in the U.S. rose sharply this year to the highest point since 2007! Although the rules are somewhat changed as a result of the devastating housing crash, new home-buyers are entering the market once more, and real estate investors are again buying, restoring, and selling previously owned homes.

Buying and reselling old homes after they have been refitted with modern upgrades is a practice known as “Flipping”, and is a common entry point into real estate investing for many people. It usually entails a fair amount of labor and material costs to get a house ready for resale, and one of the more common, and costly tasks facing “flipper” is often the upgrading of a home’s lighting and electrical system.

Currently, a high demand for vintage industrial ceiling lights is all the rage in home redesign. The look and feel of antiquated lighting fixtures brings a sense of nostalgia, and classic history to a home. Many people have fallen in love with the intricate designs and patterns often found in older, more ornate style of vintage lighting fixtures.

One issue with recycling many of the original lighting pieces from days gone by is that the materials used then do not meet today’s safety standards for commercial use. But, never fear, many of the antiquated lamps and fixtures have been retrofitted with updated materials, and restored to acceptable modern international standards.

These rustic, antiquated light fixtures bring the perfect touch to historically themed interior design motifs. Whether you are looking to buy ceiling lights, table lamps, chandeliers, or even outdoor lighting, there is an increasingly large selection of inventory available to complete your home remodel project.

Even pendant style lighting is getting into the game as new designs continue to evolve. By combining Edison’s original carbon fiber filament light bulb with modern LED technology, you can now enjoy a sense of early 20th century décor while remaining safe, and saving on energy costs.

With the housing market making a slow and steady comeback, now is a perfect time for homeowners thinking of selling in the near future to consider checking into alternative lighting technologies. Lighting ideas such as these are an easy way to upgrade interior design themes to include a bit of old world atmosphere. As this developing trend in home design continues to grow in popularity, vintage industrial ceiling lights could be just the touch you need.