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Tips to Make Your Office Lighting More Energy Efficient

25th Sep 2014

What if we told you that nearly 30 percent of your office's energy consumption comes from its lighting? Regardless of building size, this is a large figure that can take quite a toll on a company's annual expenses. Our decorative fluorescent lighting experts know that simply swapping out a few bulbs can make a big difference. Energy-efficient lighting has come a long way since its inception, and now with the availability of LED and other low wattage-consuming products, huge savings are in no way out of the question.

The popularity of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs is still high, but their sales are waning in light of cheaper, more efficient technology. Even if your corporate budget does not allow for major upgrades at the moment, there are many quick and simple tips you can implement to start reducing energy consumption right away.

How to Make Your Office Lights More Eco-friendly

We do not blame you for wanting to continue using your fluorescent lights, but older models, particularly the T12 series, are energy hogs. We recommend swapping them out with the new and improved T8s if at all possible because these use nearly half as much electricity. The brightness of fluorescents trump other types by quite a bit but can cause headaches, eye strain and other problems resulting from prolonged exposure.

If you are working on a limited budget or do not want to replace the fluorescent lighting in your office, at least make the small investment in custom light covers. The fluorescent light panels available from Octo Lights are a must-have for every office. In addition to reducing eye irritation, they promote energy efficiency by reducing the need for extra lights.  Our decorative light panels also enhance dispersion and distribution, providing sufficient lighting for every space. This is a trick of the interior lighting trade that experts have been using for years to minimize energy costs without sacrificing illumination.

Enjoy major savings and reduce your environmental footprint by switching to LED lights or installing fluorescent light bulb covers today.