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Using Decorative Light Covers to Enhance Your Office Space

Using Decorative Light Covers to Enhance Your Office Space

5th May 2018

Offices are notoriously bland. If you work in an older office space, chances are you are surrounded by gray or beige carpets, tan walls, and dreary fluorescent lighting. Even newer offices often fall into a pattern of bland colors and harsh, unpleasant light. One way to help bring some life back into a dreary office is to use decorative light covers to enhance your office space. Whether you are a large office with multiple floors of an office building, or a small storefront office with just one or two rooms, decorative office light covers are a unique way to breathe life into a stale, stultifying space.

The Problem With Most Offices

Most offices were not built with the worker in mind. Instead, they were built to be cheap, cost effective, and inoffensive. Over the years that has resulted in millions of square feet of boring office space. For many workers, the office is the place where they will spend the majority of their waking hours. So it’s a terrible shame that many offices are such unpleasant spaces to inhabit.

Many offices are now spending money on all kinds of upgrades. Some upgrades are decidedly business related, like newer computers and fancy video conference rooms. Other upgrades are more worker focused. Businesses are beginning to invest in comfortable and adjustable chairs, relaxing couches, and even the newly popular standing desks.

In addition, many offices are attempting to be more relaxed. Inspired by the changes that began in the 1990s dot-com boom, companies are installing mini-kitchens with espresso machines and well stocked beverage fridges. Some offices have lunch rooms with ping pong tables and even video games.

All of these are welcome changes to traditional twentieth century office culture. But many of those perks don’t get at the heart of a worker’s day. Most workers still spend the majority of their day at a desk, staring at a computer, under harsh fluorescent lights.

The Problem With Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent light is by far the most common type of lighting in commercial settings. It is cheap and relatively efficient. However, its effect on the people who have to work under these light day in and day out is not great, to say the least. There have been many studies that show a connection between unfiltered fluorescent lights and a number of symptoms and adverse health effects.

Some of the symptoms of fluorescent light exposure are due to the harsh nature of the light itself. Unfiltered fluorescent light is associated with eye strain that can grow into headaches and even migraines. In addition, constantly straining to see under these harsh lighting conditions generates unnecessary worker fatigue. Many office workers report a mid-afternoon energy slump. Some research indicates that this is due in part to the fluorescent lights workers are exposed to.

Other effects of fluorescent lights are more subtle and cumulative. Some studies connect prolonged exposure to fluorescent light with adverse psychological effects. These may include inability to focus, trouble with concentration, and behavioral disturbances. Too much fluorescent light is also linked to trouble sleeping or disturbances in sleep-wake cycles.

Filtering Fluorescent Light

Decorative light covers are also known as fluorescent light filters. That’s because they are much more than just decoration. Decorative light covers serve an important function of filtering much of the harmful effects of fluorescent light. By diffusing the light and reducing glare, fluorescent light filters can relieve much of the eye strain from unfiltered fluorescent light. With the eye strain gone, many of the other symptoms are relieved as well. Some customers report that the headaches, migraines, and fatigue they experienced due to fluorescent light disappear when they install Octo Lights decorative light covers.

An Easy Upgrade for Employers

If you are an employer, there are lots of ways you can make your business a great place to work. Some improvements come in the form of better worker technology. It may be expensive, but giving workers the high tech tools they need is a great way to boost morale. In addition, better tools for working often lead to better, more productive workers.

Another way to increase employee satisfaction is to make the workplace more enjoyable. Food is a great way to keep employees happy. Fancy coffee machines, well stocked snack bars, and the availability of a variety of beverages make an office more pleasant to spend time in. Employee outings, events, and in-office employer sponsored luncheons are all great ways to build teamwork and camaraderie.

Another great way to make your business an awesome place to work is to install decorative fluorescent light covers. These covers can vastly improve the quality of the light in your office. You will be amazed by how much better your employees feel under the softly filtered light of fluorescent light covers. Often we don’t realize how bad our light was until we experience something different.

One Octo Lights customer started by ordering just one or two light covers for her office. But after trying them out, she found that many of her employees could benefit from them. In her words, “Our agency is ordering cloud light filters for our employees who experience light sensitivity.” This is not an isolated experience. Especially for light sensitive employees, decorative light covers are a huge perk that employers can provide their workers with very little investment. All of our light covers are under $30 and require no professional installation.

Light Covers Do More Than Filter Light

Many employees are already raving about their light covers. Rachel D. told us that “These are now the highlight of my office! Everyone who comes in says it gives such an awesome ambiance!” And Carolyn L. told us that, “I love my light covers in my office!”

These highly satisfied customers are benefiting from more than just the filtering of fluorescent light. They are also gaining from the “ambiance” created by decorative light covers. Unlike some commercially available light filters, Octo Lights Decorative Light Covers transform a space with vibrant images. One of our most popular images is a perfectly blue sky with fluffy white clouds. With this one simple adjustment to a workspace, workers can feel like they have access to a true skylight, and it really does brighten people’s day.

Other nature themed light covers include light covers with trees against a blue sky. Again, this gives the impression of working in a much more open space, with trees soaring high above your head. If you are less concerned with the look of blue sky, you can choose beautiful landscapes. We have everything from secluded tropical beaches to rugged mountainscapes. The choice is yours. Your decorative light covers can be a window on the world.

Create Your Own Design

Octo Lights offers a wide selection of beautiful designs for your light covers. But we would never want to stifle your imagination. We make it extremely easy to create custom light covers. Simply upload a high definition image and we will print it on our covers for you. That means that your light covers can take you anywhere you can imagine.

Easy and Cost Effective

Ordering and installing your light covers couldn’t be easier. Ordering is don in three easy steps. Choose (or upload) your image, choose your size, and check out. All orders ship within 1-2 business days. Once you have your filters, installation is just as easy as ordering. Simply unlock the existing cover on your fluorescent lights (you can use a screwdriver or a penny), and let it swing open. Place the filter with the image side down on top of the light cover, then swing it back into place and lock it. That’s it. And if you have another type of fixture and need help, we are just a phone call away.

So if you are ready to experience the comfort and joy of decorative fluorescent light covers, just navigate over to our catalog and make your selection. Don’t see what you want? Upload your own image. It’s that easy!