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Using Fluorescent Panel Light Covers For a Ceiling View

Using Fluorescent Panel Light Covers For a Ceiling View

15th Apr 2019

Fluorescent light panel covers can provide you with a magnificent ceiling view. If your home features LED or fluorescent lights hidden behind a panel or diffuser, what do you see when you look up at the ceiling? If you don’t have fluorescent light panel covers, you probably see a harsh glare of bright light. Or you might just see an ugly-looking panel that would look more at home in an office or even a factory. Octo Lights wants you to have some better options.

Creating a Ceiling View

Instead of your current ceiling view, how about lying back on your sofa and gazing up at a bright blue sky with wispy white clouds? Looking up at your ceiling can be like looking up through a skylight on a warm summer day. And wouldn’t that be a better view?

Or perhaps you are a tree person. You might prefer to see a blue sky with the branches and green leaves of a tree overhanging your home. You could just lay back and enjoy the scenery. It seems like just a daydream. Skylights can cost thousands of dollars to install. And even with a skylight, there’s no way to control the weather. Rainy days, dark nights, and gray winter days can put a damper on your view. But we’re here to tell you how you can get the perfect ceiling view 24/7, 365 days a year, for as little as thirty dollars.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Panel Covers

The perfect ceiling view is entirely possible using decorative fluorescent light panel covers!  These panels are easy to install over your existing light covers—no need to replace them. And they are available in a wide selection of designs and motifs. Octo Lights decorative light covers are not an artist’s representations. They are genuine photographs, most of them taken by our own photographers, and printed onto clear plastic panels. Of course, if you want something more artistic—or anything, for that matter—we can create custom decorative light panels from your graphics.

Decorative fluorescent light panel covers are transparent to light, so the image shows up clearly on your light panels. It looks just as though they were genuine skylights in your ceiling. They have a high degree of lightfastness when exposed to artificial light. They won’t fade or change colors. And they are so realistic that often people forget they are not actual skylights.

Choose Your Ceiling View

Cloud scenes and images of trees in full bloom extending out over your home are our most popular ceiling views. But we have many other options available, as well. If you wish to stay with the sky theme, consider a deep orange sunset over an ocean horizon. If you want to feel like you’re on vacation, you might prefer a view of the ocean itself. We offer ceiling views of tropical beaches and inspiring getaways.

If you want to feel surrounded by nature, you might enjoy our large selection of flower images. Sunflowers and daisies are two options, but there are many others for you to select. The fluorescent light panel covers are roughly 4 x 2 ft rectangles, but you can use more than one to cover larger areas. (The exact dimensions are 46.5 inches x 22.375 inches, or 1181 mm x 568 mm.) They easily lay on top of your existing panels, making installation a breeze.

Hubble Galaxy Ceiling Views

If you like astronomy, then you can choose fluorescent light panel covers showing views of our galaxy. You can select specific constellations or groups of stars. If you prefer, choose from a selection of Hubble Space Telescope photos. Try out a ceiling view of distant galaxies, star clusters, exploding stars, and nebulae. We are licensed by NASA to show genuine Hubble photographs.

Imagine lying back and looking up at the same sights the astronauts in the International Space Station might be admiring at the very same time! These fluorescent light panel covers are so beautiful that it is impossible to appreciate them until you see them on a backlit surface.

Astronomy-themed covers can also be educational for you and your children. What other kids will have NASA photographs from deep space lit up on their ceiling? You can see distant regions of the universe as they actually are. Or, more precisely, see them as they were millions or billions of years ago. It takes that length of time for such images to be transmitted across the vast distances involved. The sights you will see actually occurred long before humans inhabited the earth.

There are many other options available, too: animals, oceans, waterfalls, and others. Not all offer natural skylight views, but they can all transport you to another place. Decorative fluorescent panel light covers are unbelievably attractive options. They’re perfect for those seeking something different, a new and unique ceiling view