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5 Great Uses for Light Diffuser Panels

5 Great Uses for Light Diffuser Panels

21st Feb 2019

Decorative light diffuser panels for fluorescent lights are a new and growing market. It seems like everywhere you go today, you are bombarded by fluorescent light. Whether you are going to school, working in an office, visiting a doctor, or just doing your grocery shopping, you are most likely doing it under fluorescent lights. Scientists have long been aware of the disruptive nature of all artificial light. More recently, extra attention has been paid to the quality of the artificial light we are exposed to.

Fluorescent lights are notorious for the high energy visible (HEV) blue light they give off. This is the same blue light that has many experts concerned about screen time spent with all of our devices. HEV blue light is more disruptive to the body’s natural physiological cycles than other types of visible light. Human eyes are also more sensitive to HEV blue light than to other kinds of light, increasing the risk of permanent damage. Decorative light diffuser panels reduce HEV blue light to create a healthier, more even light.

What are Light Diffuser Panels?

Decorative light diffuser panels exist primarily as a guard against harmful HEV blue light. When HEV blue light hits your eyes, it does two things. First, it simulates the light of the sun at midday. This can trigger the body to enter a state of full wakefulness. If that state is triggered and maintained over time, it can have adverse effects on everything from sleep to weight gain to anxiety disorders. In short, the human body was never designed to be at full wakefulness all day long. The second problem with HEV blue light is that it has a much stronger effect on the eyes. Because HEV blue light is high energy, the light penetrates further into the eye and can have more damaging effects than regular light.

Another wonderful attribute of Octo Lights light diffuser panels is that they are printed with gorgeous full-color images inspired by nature. Other images are available too, or you can even upload your own. The benefit of these images is that they can transform a room. One of our most popular light diffuser panel series is out cloud and sky-themed light diffuser panels. They can open up a room and bring in a bit of a sunny day, even on the coldest, darkest winter days.

Octo Lights decorative light diffuser panels are a great way to change the light in any room. We create a thin film that can be placed over your existing light diffuser panel. That film acts as a filter and is printed with the image of your choice. At under $30 a panel, our light diffuser panels are one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to any room.

1. Upgrade Your Home Office

Home offices are often tucked away in the room of the house that has no other use. If that sounds like your office, you may be in need of Octo Lights decorative light diffuser panels. A home office should be a space where you can be productive and feel clear-headed and ready to work. If you are working under fluorescent light, the light may actually be draining you of your will and ability to work. Being in a constant state of maximum wakefulness eventually leads to fatigue. Without any filter on your fluorescent light, burnout can occur quite quickly.

Adding an Octo Lights light diffuser panel is a great way to upgrade your home office. A splash of color and a view of nature can be just the refresher you need to keep on working.Adding decorative light diffuser panels is a great way to upgrade your home office. A splash of color and a view of nature can be just the refresher you need to keep on working.

2. Decorate a Child’s Room

Children are especially sensitive to HEV blue light. Their developing eyes are sensitive to damaging HEV blue light waves. Also, their circadian rhythm, which controls the sleep-wake cycle, is easily disrupted. If your child has fluorescent lights in their room (including CFLs and even many LED fixtures), they are being exposed to bad light. Exposure to blue light close to bedtime has been demonstrated to disrupt sleep. It makes falling asleep harder and makes the sleep less restful. For children who need 8, 10, or more hours of sleep each night, unfiltered blue light can be especially harmful.

Luckily, our decorative light diffuser panels can easily filter out the harmful blue light and make a room more enjoyable to be in and more conducive to a natural bedtime. Kids love our undersea light diffuser panels, which colorful images of coral reefs and underwater wildlife. Our astronomy-themed light diffuser panels are also favorite among our youngest customers.

3. Make Your Classroom a Calmer Space

Some of our best customers are teachers. Teachers love our light diffuser panels because they are a great way to improve the fluorescent light that most classrooms are stuck with. In an institutional setting like a school, there isn’t a lot you can do to change the lighting. That’s why Octo Lights light diffuser panels are so popular. Many of our teachers report a calmer atmosphere and calmer students. Teachers from preschool to high school all rave about the positive results from installing Octo Lights light diffuser panels. You can find out more on our testimonials page. Just look for the reviews from teachers.

In addition to the subjective experience of our teachers, there is also a growing body of research on the effects of fluorescent light on academic performance. Many studies point to a link between unfiltered fluorescent light and decreased academic performance. Some studies also tracked student behavioral problems and found a similar link to fluorescent light. Octo Lights light diffuser panels are a great way to help reduce the harm of unfiltered fluorescent light.

4. Relax Patients in a Medical Office

Medical offices can be inherently anxiety-inducing spaces. Most of the time, patients are in a medical office because something is wrong. Even if there’s just a routine checkup, anxiety about medical examinations and procedures is common. So medical facilities need to make use of any means they have of relaxing their patients. Many medical offices use calm art on the walls, and some have even installed calming music and aromatherapy. But most offices have yet to address the light in their facilities, which can be an overlooked source of stress. You may not notice it consciously, but fluorescent light can make people tense when their doctors want them to be relaxed.

Octo Lights light diffuser panels are a great addition to a medical office’s arsenal of relaxation techniques. Natural images can bring a little taste of the outdoors into an otherwise stuffy waiting room. Once a patient is in an examination room, a light diffuser panel or two provide a focal point that is both interesting and relaxing. And it goes without saying that the main benefit of light diffuser panels, the filtration of HEV blue light, can have a tremendous effect on a patient’s mental state.

5. Improve Employee Morale with Better Lighting

If you run an office, you know that the environment your employees work in is an integral part of their success. An office that is pleasant to be in is an office where workers can focus on their jobs instead of their discomfort. An enjoyable work environment also helps to attract high-quality new employees and retain the employees you have already invested in.

Many offices have been following the lead of some high-tech companies, installing snack stations, espresso machines, and ping pong tables. While these are a great way to let employees unwind a bit, if they are working under fluorescent light there is still a constant stressor they have to deal with. For a one-time investment of under $30 per light diffuser panel, office managers can relieve a hidden stressor. Removing HEV blue light from their offices can help employees feel more focused, less fatigued, and more comfortable. For less than the price of a week’s coffee, you can give your employees a lasting morale boost.

So if you are ready to upgrade your experience with light diffuser panels from Octo Lights, we encourage you to look around our site. Check out our full collection of beautiful light diffuser panels. Pick your favorites or upload your own. Once you order, we’ll have your panels custom printed and shipped out in 1-2 business days. You can be enjoying your new light diffuser panels in no time!