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Another Option for Nursery Decoration: Decorative Light Covers

Another Option for Nursery Decoration: Decorative Light Covers

20th Mar 2018

Whether you are expectant new parents or you have several children, planning and decorating a nursery can be both fun and stressful. Like anything for your new baby, you want to make sure that it’s perfect for you little bundle of joy. There are plenty of option to decorate. You can choose themed furniture, paint a mural, use wall stickers, install special window treatments. But if your baby’s room has fluorescent lighting, you may want to consider nursery decoration ideas that will help improve your baby's wellbeing such as decorative fluorescent light covers.

Why You Need Decorative Light Covers in a Nursery

Parents want the best for their children. Many parents spend a lot of time preparing their child’s nursery. And that makes sense. You want the nursery to be a room dedicated to your child. It should be a place that is fun, warm, and stimulating, but also safe, calming, and relaxing. This will be the place your little loved one will be spending a lot of time.

But if your nursery has fluorescent lighting, you have a big obstacle on your hands. We all know that fluorescent lighting isn’t the best way to light any room, let alone a nursery. The light from a standard pink or cool-blue fluorescent bulb can be irritating and best, and possibly even harmful.

The harsh light from an unfiltered fluorescent light fixture can hurt even an adult’s eyes. If this is the room you are preparing for your little loved one, you want to make sure that it is absolutely safe for their developing bodies, including their eyesight.

Besides eyesight, a baby’s brain is still growing and developing long after it is born. The greatest amount of brain development happens early in life. Parents want to be sure that a baby’s brain is receiving all it needs to grow. That includes nutrition, stimulation, emotional security, and a non-stressful, safe environment. Unfortunately, many studies have linked fluorescent light to mood and behavior disturbances. That is not the sort of influence you want on your little one’s developing brain.

Decorative Light Covers are the Solution to Nursery Lighting

If you want to reduce the unhealthy effects of fluorescent lighting in your child’s nursery, you may be considering some expensive repairs. You could rip out the fluorescent lighting and replace it with something else. You’ll have to hire a contractor and an electrician, costing you money and precious time. It’s a big job, but anything for your little one, right? Well, you may be glad to know that there are simple nursery decoration ideas that you can start using in just a few days. No mess, no fuss. And it won’t just be a replacement for your fluorescent lights, it will be a decoration and added feature of your child’s nursery.

Decorative fluorescent light covers can shield tiny eyes from the effects of harsh fluorescent light. The filtered light is softer and more relaxing, and safer for developing eyes and brains. But it’s not just a solution to the light issue. Because Octo Lights decorative light covers come with a wide variety of images printed on them, your lights will actually become an added feature of the nursery. Imagine the joy of a young child when they look up toward the ceiling and see a beautiful image of sky, beaches, nature, or even outer space! The filtering makes the light more calming, while the beautifully printed images are stimulating. You get the best of both worlds.

Do you have a theme planned out for your child’s nursery? If you don’t see the perfect image to match the theme you have decided on for your child’s nursery, don’t fret. The Octo Lights website makes in very easy to upload your own image for a completely customized decorative light cover. You can choose animals, fairytale images, or unique locations for your custom theme. Really, if you can get it in a high resolution digital image, we can turn it into a decorative light cover. The options are endless.

Decorative Light Covers are Great for Bigger Kids

Have you passed the nursery stage? If your child’s room has fluorescent lighting, you still have to worry about its effect on his or her health. Fluorescent lighting that is not filtered in some way has been shown to affect mood, stress levels, fatigue, and focus. When dealing with children, these are major concerns.

As your child develops their personality and learns more and more about themselves and their world, you want to make sure that their environment is healthy. You want to make sure that they feel safe and loved. In today’s environment we have learned the value of focusing on emotional development as well. A child who is having trouble sleeping or undergoing undue stress may be less successful in school and ultimately in life.

One way of ensuring that your child has a safe, stress-free environment conducive to healthy emotional development is to look at their lighting. Many parents don’t realize the strong link between lighting and emotional development. But if you have fluorescent lights in your child’s room, it pays to pay attention.

Luckily, with Octo Lights you can improve your child’s light with a low-cost, easy to install solution. Our decorative fluorescent light covers come in a wide variety of styles. Every light cover works to filter the fluorescent light coming from the bulb so that it is less harsh and more relaxing. In addition, choosing an image for your child’s decorative light cover can enhance their room. Our website is easy to navigate, with full color pictures of every single light cover. If your child is old enough, you can go through the choices together with your child and let them pick their favorite.

Teens Love Them, Too

As your precious little child grows into a teenager, they may be less interested in the niceties of a themed bedroom. The days of wall stickers and fairytale figures may be long gone. But teenagers also tend to spend more time in their bedrooms, whether doing homework, reading, or just hanging out. So it’s extra important to make sure that they have lighting that is healthy.

Teenagers are still undergoing a lot of growth, both physically and neurologically. The teenage years are crucial for emotional growth, as well. Since unfiltered fluorescent light is known to affect mood, fatigue, and emotional wellbeing, it is important to make sure the fluorescent lighting in your teenager’s room is properly filtered.

Octo Lights decorative light covers filter the light from a fluorescent bulb to make it less harsh and more calming, which is important for any age, but especially for teenagers. And while your teenager may be less interested in fanciful wall and furniture decorations, a decorative light cover can be a welcomed addition. If your child is interested in science or astronomy, a space themed light cover could be perfect. If your child likes nature, you can choose a natural theme. With the option to upload custom images, you can create a decorative light cover to fit your teenager’s interests.

Worry Free Ordering

When you order any Octo Lights decorative light cover, you can feel confident in your purchase. We ship most orders in just 1-2 days from when the order is placed. Orders are shipped vie FedEx Ground and you will get a tracking number to track your order right up to the moment it’s delivered. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your product, it’s easy to return. You have two weeks to return your order and we will replace it or issue a refund. You can get all the details on our return policy here.