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Benefits of Environment Friendly Decorative Lighting

Benefits of Environment Friendly Decorative Lighting

10th Nov 2016

Environment friendly decorative lighting help you save money and save the planet!  With the global warming debate heating up and the need to reduce on landfill waste increasing, Octolights can help. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint and keep the world a cleaner and safer place for you and your grandchildren to live in. How can we achieve that with decorative light covers? Easy – here’s how.

Firstly, fluorescent and LED lights themselves are environmentally friendly. They are significantly better for the environment than the old tungsten filament lamps. They produce more energy and more efficient lighting systems than Edison’s original invention. Nothing against Thomas Edison. He was a genius, but his light bulbs have been going for an extraordinarily long time and it was time that something more efficient came along.

Fluorescent Light Covers Decorate Your Home

Octolights provides a means of using your fluorescent light panels to decorate your home in addition to lighting it. The same applies to your office, reception areas, hospital corridors and wards and surgeries of every type. You no longer need to just light the space, but you can also decorate your ceiling at the same time.

However, back to being environmentally friendly. How do we achieve that? Here is how Octolights can help you decorate the ceilings and walls of just about any building you can think of while also playing our part in reducing carbon-based emissions and saving you money.

  1. We Recycle All Our Waste

One of the easiest ways to conserve the planet’s resources is to recycle everything that can be recycled, either for reuse or for use as a raw material to produce other items. For example metals can be melted down and reused. Plastic materials can be melted and reformed for structural applications.

Paper can be pulped and used to make cardboard or other recycled paper items. Glass is melted and remoulded into other items such as bottles and storage jars. All the waste material we do not use is recycled and heads straight to our local recycling center.

  1. Water Based Inks

We use water-based ink that is UV resistant. This not only makes your decorative light covers last longer by filtering out harmful UV light, but also decreases the impact of ink waste on the environment. Traditional printing inks are solvent based. These solvents have to be driven off in a drying tunnel to dry the inks.

The solvent from such inks is pumped into the atmosphere. Such solvents can be hydrocarbon based, or based on ketones and alcohols. All of these can contribute to global warming, either directly or after chemical transformation in the atmosphere. Many printing presses use gas-fired ovens to dry off ink solvents, and so the presses themselves can release gas by-products such as carbon dioxide and monoxide.

Water based inks contain water as the major solvent, so it is mainly water that is emitted from the drying ovens of printing presses.  However, we also use UV inks that dry instantaneously in the presence of UV light of certain frequencies.  No organic solvents to be driven off and very, very few chemicals, if any, being pumped into the atmosphere. Our coating liquids are non-flammable.

  1. Use Less Power

The less power we use the better it is for the environment. LED and fluorescent lights use very little power for the level of lighting you achieve. LED and fluorescent light panels disperse that light efficiently so you get an even form of lighting, generally without unwanted shadows depending upon the style of lighting you have.

The designs printed onto your decorative light covers help to decorate your ceiling. This indirectly helps save on other forms of ceiling décor and any emissions generated during their manufacture and application.

Conclusion: Decorative Light Covers and the Environment 

Environmentally friendly fluorescent light covers enable you to play your part in keeping the environment free of emissions. You are helping reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy for lighting, and also through the way we manufacture the product and recycle our waste.

The planet Earth is the only planet we currently have to live on.  It keeps us all alive, so it’s important that we look after it. Here at Octolights, we like to believe that we are doing all we can to do that. You can play your part by recycling all your waste as we do ourselves – assuming it is possible to do so. We certainly do – and we do not find it a chore.

Just look any some of the wonderful natural scenes on our decorative light covers and you can see why we want to help preserve them with our environmentally friendly fluorescent light covers.