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Why do we make decorative light covers with water-based ink? In today’s world, being more environmentally conscious is quickly transforming from a luxury to a necessity. Whether it’s how we fuel our cars, how much water we use each day or what we choose to throw in the trash; we’re constantly faced with decisions that could potentially harm the planet while leading our everyday lives. This is why more and more companies are adhering to eco-friend… Read more
For teachers, gaining the full attention of your young students is likely a daily struggle. Unfortunately, in this day and age, kids in the US need more than a significant helping hand when it comes to education and becoming motivated about their academics. Teachers can only achieve this by introducing new and innovative techniques for learning in the classroom. While textbooks and chalkboards are still great learning tools, why not try something… Read more
Decorative Light Covers? - When it comes to getting your business the exposure it needs, cutting corners is out of the question. This is why most businesses (large or small) opt for pricey promotional campaigns -- which could include Facebook and Google ads, billboards and even television and radio commercials -- forcing business owners to empty their pockets just to get patrons into their establishment. Where does this leave businesses who simpl… Read more
You can use custom fluorescent light covers in your home. They work with the plain or frosted panels commonly used with false ceilings or as part of the ceilings in your home. Decorative light covers can turn these panels into amazing scenes. Guests will wonder at your creativity, and they will astonish anyone who sees them.Fluorescent lighting is common in many kitchens. But you can use decorative light covers in any room in your home to create… Read more