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There's a lot to love about having a well-lit room. From homes to restaurants to offices, lighting is essential for any building you enter. But even more critical is having sustainable lighting that's worth your time and money. Octo Lights is here to talk about the four most important reasons to have sustainable lighting no matter where you are. So continue reading and check out our fluorescent light covers today!Cloud 1There is nothing worse tha… Read more
Check Out Our Most Popular Light Covers Today! When you look up at the light fixtures in your home, office, restaurant, or school, do you know what type of lights are in them? You’d be forgiven for thinking all lights are the same, but there are actually many different types of lighting solutions available today. Two of the most prevalent are LED light fixtures and fluorescent light fixtures. In this blog, Octo Lights is here to explain w… Read more
Why do we make decorative light covers with water-based ink? In today’s world, being more environmentally conscious is quickly transforming from a luxury to a necessity. Whether it’s how we fuel our cars, how much water we use each day or what we choose to throw in the trash; we’re constantly faced with decisions that could potentially harm the planet while leading our everyday lives. This is why more and more companies are adhering to eco-friend… Read more
For teachers, gaining the full attention of your young students is likely a daily struggle. Unfortunately, in this day and age, kids in the US need more than a significant helping hand when it comes to education and becoming motivated about their academics. Teachers can only achieve this by introducing new and innovative techniques for learning in the classroom. While textbooks and chalkboards are still great learning tools, why not try something… Read more