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Benefits of Using Decorative Light Covers in Your Classroom

Benefits of Using Decorative Light Covers in Your Classroom

29th Nov 2016

If you’re a teacher, creating an engaging environment for your students should be at the top of your priority list. This starts with your classroom, as it’s the main place kids associate with learning, thus it should as inviting as possible.

Unfortunately, most classrooms aren’t designed to be the most engaging, with drab flooring and walls -- not to mention boring fluorescent lighting -- you may find it difficult to keep students awake during class, which could set them up for failure when it comes to their academics. But what if there was a solution that transformed your classroom into a work of art while also being educational? Well, there is!

Discover Decorative Light Covers

An innovation in decorative lighting, fluorescent light covers take room decor to new heights by covering boring fluorescent lighting and instantly opening up any space in your home, office or classroom.

Fluorescent light covers consist primarily of a light diffusing panel that is then overlaid with an image. This can pull of one amazing effect that will wow your students. For example: by installing multiple tree-themed light covers on your walls, you get the same effect as a window into an existing nature-filled scene.

Decorative Light Covers in Your Classroom:

Decorative light covers are extremely beneficial for use in your classroom as they can act as yet another learning tool for your students, no matter their age.

If you’re teaching astrology, you can utilize star-themed fluorescent light covers on your ceilings to give a demonstration of specific star patterns in our solar system. Or just use them for a cool effect that will tie into your curriculum. It’s a unique way to keep kids engaged and focused on academics.

Where to Find Decorative Light Covers:

Octo Lights is the leader in quality decorative light covers and we’ve been transforming hundreds of bedrooms, offices and classrooms into jaw dropping works of art.

We’re a real company focused on customer service, which is why we have such raving reviews from everyone that orders a fluorescent light cover from us. We make decorative light covers that are easy to install, eco-friendly (through the use of UV-resistant, water-based ink); and on top of offering a wide selection of ready-made light covers, we also give customers the opportunity to create their own to showcase their personal interests in any room. Contact us today to learn more!

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of incredible fluorescent light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home to a work of art. With the holiday season on its way, we provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas you’ll find this year!