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The way you feel when you walk into a room sets the tone for any experiences you may have there. And lighting has a lot to do with how you feel in a room. When you use the right lighting to illuminate your space and transform your environment, you can control how a room feels. Lighting not only influences the mood, but it can also transform a room or an entire building. Decorative light covers are an ideal way to change up your lighting for a who… Read more
Few people would argue that the beach is perhaps one of the most relaxing and inviting places in nature. The beach helps us to relax and to enjoy life more.The beach is a great place to get away from the daily grind and soak up the sun, sight and sounds of a truly beautiful natural setting. Beach enthusiasts and those who have always had an affection for all that the beach has to offer can now bring that same feeling indoors using innovative fluo… Read more
"What is a decorative fluorescent light fixture?" is a common question that arises often when it comes to unique and innovative interior lighting. In short, light panels that are used overhead can be far more than simply white or plain in color. In fact, today more than ever before the panels used to diffuse and soften light overhead can be incredibly creative and amazingly attractive. Today's modern replacement fluorescent light panels are uniqu… Read more