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Illuminate Your Space and Transform Your Environment

Illuminate Your Space and Transform Your Environment

30th Nov 2019

The way you feel when you walk into a room sets the tone for any experiences you may have there. And lighting has a lot to do with how you feel in a room. When you use the right lighting to illuminate your space and transform your environment, you can control how a room feels. Lighting not only influences the mood, but it can also transform a room or an entire building. Decorative light covers are an ideal way to change up your lighting for a whole new feel.

Change How Your Space Feels

Decorative fluorescent light fixtures or light covers will change the way your space feels for everyone who enters. You may want some rooms to feel warm and relaxed, while others should be bright and focused. Decorative light covers are a great way to set the mood in any room of the house.

Imagine creating a ceiling that looks like it is open to a bright blue sky, any time of day or night. Aside from being an instant conversation starter, these sky-and-cloud light panels will encourage a lively, awake mood for your space. This is perfect for kitchens, offices, or gyms.

If you want a more relaxed room, try our tropical beaches and sunset images. These calming images are great for bedrooms, master baths, and, and dining rooms.

Children’s rooms can be decorated with colorful undersea images or custom children’s designs.

A Fully Functional Decorative Light Cover

Octo Lights fluorescent light covers are fully functional. They allow full illumination as they illuminate your space and transform your environment. Our light covers will not make your room dark.

In addition to being visually stunning, these decorative fluorescent light covers are some of the safest around. We know you are responsible for the well-being of those who work in your facility or visit your home. That’s why we are passionate about design and dedicated to safety. Our light covers are made from UL certified self-extinguishing material that has been tested and is safe for all environments. This makes them perfect for facilities like hospitals, schools, and homes.

We also believe in protecting our planet. That’s why Octo Lights offers fluorescent light panels that are awe-inspiring while still being good for the environment. We use water-based inks and recycle 100% of our scrap material. Our staff is dedicated to earth-friendly practices in all of our facilities.

Illuminate your business or home with decorative light panels in fantastic designs. Or, create your own custom covers that reflect an atmosphere that inspires you and your guests.