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Decorative fluorescent lighting covers are designed to lay right on top of your existing fluorescent light diffusers. The covers reduce glare and offer a more relaxing atmosphere. That’s especially useful in hospital rooms and wards, where patients, staff, and visitors are often under a lot of stress. Fluorescent lighting is commonly used in hospitals, schools, and even in homes. But fluorescent light tends to be very harsh. So it’s no surprise t… Read more
Modern residential homes are being upgraded in more unique ways today than ever before. Homeowners are getting creative and coming up with custom ideas that are transforming their homes into special and inviting places.One way in particular is through the use of innovative and cleverly crafted light panels used to cover traditional or standard fluorescent lighting.These decorative fluorescent light fixtures are different than other types of stand… Read more
A growing number of homeowners are looking for smart and affordable ways of adding value to their home. This is becoming a popular trend as more people than ever before are choosing to keep their existing home rather than selling and buying something newer and more expensive.Fortunately there are many ways to upgrade a home without breaking the bank. It is a known fact that a complete renovation or remodel project can cost tens of thousands of do… Read more