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Using Decorative Fluorescent Lighting Covers in Hospitals

Using Decorative Fluorescent Lighting Covers in Hospitals

8th May 2019

Decorative fluorescent lighting covers are designed to lay right on top of your existing fluorescent light diffusers. The covers reduce glare and offer a more relaxing atmosphere. That’s especially useful in hospital rooms and wards, where patients, staff, and visitors are often under a lot of stress. Fluorescent lighting is commonly used in hospitals, schools, and even in homes. But fluorescent light tends to be very harsh. So it’s no surprise that lots of people are looking for a solution to fix bad fluorescent lighting.

In fact, fluorescent lighting is known to be one of the harshest forms of lighting on the eyes. So why is it so popular? Probably because it’s also amongst the cheapest types of lighting. Unfortunately, this is definitely a case where going with the cheapest solution leads to getting what you paid for. We’ve seen plenty of attempted fixes, but most leave something to be desired. Some people cover their overly bright fluorescent panels with colored film or even loosely woven sheer fabrics. We applaud their ingenuity and sympathize with their frustration, but there’s a better answer. And that’s why Octo Lights exists in the first place.

Blue Sky and Clouds

Do-it-yourselfers have come up with a wide range of makeshift solutions for bad fluorescent light. It’s a good start, but they can do much better. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Decorative fluorescent lighting covers that display attractive patterns such as stained glass effects or natural themes are a great, cost-effective solution for aggravating fluorescent light. One extremely popular style of fluorescent light cover comes with images of blue sky and white, fluffy clouds. To a hospital patient looking up at a cloud-themed decorative light cover, the formerly offensive fluorescent light fixture looks like they’re staring up at a summer sky through a clear skylight.

A beautiful variation of the sky theme is a simulated—but very realistic—view of the night sky. Astronomy photographs can be reproduced on fluorescent lighting covers to provide a realistic view of the Milky Way. Octo Lights offers images of Individual constellations, whole sections of the night sky, or even views of distant galaxies and nebulae photographed from outside earth’s atmosphere.

The Hubble Telescope and Decorative Fluorescent Lighting Covers

The Hubble telescope has been a boon to scientists and nature-lovers alike. Years of detailed observations from the Hubble telescope have recently been used to calculate the expansion of the universe and created new avenues for research and exploration. But even if you’re not an astrophysicist, the Hubble telescope has likely changed your view of the universe. Up high outside the earth’s atmosphere, there is no glare or distortion to obscure many of the fainter stars. Out in space the stars and galaxies look much brighter than they do from the earth. That has resulted in decades of stunning images from the farthest reaches of the visible universe. Octo Lights is licensed by NASA to reproduce some of these fantastic images for our decorative fluorescent lighting covers. You don’t get much more dramatic, awe-inspiring, and relaxing than that!

When used on the fluorescent lighting covers on hospital ceilings, these images are not only breathtaking but also very soothing. They can help reduce the stress of seriously ill people, or those recovering from illness or surgical procedures. Harsh lighting won’t help anyone relax, but a view of distant galaxies is more tension-relieving than most people might imagine. As we learn more about the mind-body connection, medical science is learning more and more about how stress affects physical health. High stress is known to affect multiple illnesses. Relaxation, on the other, promotes healing. While we may not be turning our hospitals into meditation retreats, keeping patients—and the people who serve them—more relaxed is undoubtedly a healthy choice.

Making Healthy Lighting Choices

The clear sky, either by day or night, is known to be relaxing. But Octo Lights offers many different light covers with a variety of stress-reducing themes. Some of our popular and relaxing themes include sunsets, ocean views, golden beaches, flowers, trees, and other natural themes. They are calming, soothing, and relaxing to look at, and help reduce the anxiety and fear that are so much a part of every hospital stay. Using decorative fluorescent lighting covers in hospitals will not only provide your lighting with a unique look but also offer a relaxed and healthy atmosphere for your patients.