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A great deal of research has been carried out on the effects of fluorescent lighting on schoolchildren. There is also a body of research on the impact of fluorescent light on children's behavior in general. Most of this has been directed at establishing whether or not fluorescent lighting in schools causes hyperactivity, and whether it can also affect autistic children.Most schools and hospitals use fluorescent lighting, mainly because of the pri… Read more
More and more, we have noticed offices using decorative fluorescent light diffusers. We see it in our own customers. Many of our best reviews are from customers who purchased Octo Lights decorative fluorescent light diffusers for their offices. But before we can discuss why offices use decorative fluorescent light diffusers, we should understand why they use unhealthy fluorescent lighting in the first place.You can find fluorescent lighting in pr… Read more
Decorative fluorescent lighting covers are designed to lay right on top of your existing fluorescent light diffusers. The covers reduce glare and offer a more relaxing atmosphere. That’s especially useful in hospital rooms and wards, where patients, staff, and visitors are often under a lot of stress. Fluorescent lighting is commonly used in hospitals, schools, and even in homes. But fluorescent light tends to be very harsh. So it’s no surprise t… Read more