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Children are naturally inquisitive. Choosing decorative lighting for a child's room is a great way to feed the imagination. Decorative lighting can and add fun to what would otherwise be a dull space. To achieve impressive results when enhancing a child's room, consider the use of today's modern decorative fluorescent light fixtures. These unique and innovative sky-and-cloud panels replace existing fluorescent light diffusers. In place of plain w… Read more
Lighting is an often underappreciated part of interior design. Many people think that the only way to change the lighting in a room is to install expensive new fixtures or even require the ceiling. But with sky-and-cloud panels, it's possible to change the look and feel of a room for less than thirty dollars a panel. While many people don't know about them yet, sky-and-cloud panels are increasing in popularity. Many people use them in their bedro… Read more