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Sky-and-Cloud Panels: Unique Light Panels for your Home Theater

Sky-and-Cloud Panels: Unique Light Panels for your Home Theater

24th Sep 2019

Lighting is an often underappreciated part of interior design. Many people think that the only way to change the lighting in a room is to install expensive new fixtures or even require the ceiling. But with sky-and-cloud panels, it's possible to change the look and feel of a room for less than thirty dollars a panel. While many people don't know about them yet, sky-and-cloud panels are increasing in popularity. Many people use them in their bedrooms and living rooms. Along with their growing popularity comes an increasing variety of new ideas about how and where to use them. Among these ideas are using sky-and-cloud panels as a unique lighting system for a home theater.

Home Theaters Aren't Just for the Super Wealthy

The availability of large screen TV sets has led to the increasing popularity of home theaters. Homeowners are investing in ultra-high-resolution televisions with large 60" + screens. A 60-inch screen is best viewed at 6 ft - 9 ft away, which is ideal for a home theater. It should also be set on a wall so that the viewing angle is no more than 15 degrees up from horizontal.

A combination of large screen dimensions and their flat profile renders them ideal for wall mounting at a convenient height and distance for viewing in a home theater. But that's not where the home theater experience ends. You can also find specialized furniture to recreate the most modern movie theater seating. These comfy chairs come complete with drink consoles and comparable to the seats that are available in luxury cinema theaters. All you need now is the lighting!

Sky-and-Cloud Panels Make Ideal Home Theater Lighting

There are plenty of options when it comes to lighting your home theater. So you may be surprised to find that sky-and-cloud panels are ideal for home theater lighting. You can use LED or fluorescent light fixtures and cover them with panels displaying a view of the night sky. We offer many different night sky views. Our night sky LED light panels provide a reasonable level of illumination and work with your dimmable fixtures. You never have to spoil the home theater effect. Instead, you get totally unique light panels for you home theater that give the impression that your ceiling is open to the night sky, even at midday!

Using Multiple Fluorescent Light Panels

With separate lighting circuits that allow you to control fixtures separately, you can achieve an even more breathtaking effect. Before you start your movie, you can flip on a bank of full-brightness lights fitted with daytime sky scenes. Once the programming begins, you can switch to a darker night sky. Most people dislike total darkness, even during a movie. But you still want a nearly pitch-black room. Just switch off the regular lighting, flip on your dimmable lights, and illuminate your night sky-and-cloud panels when the movie starts.

It is theoretically possible to install any number of different types of decorative fluorescent light panels in a room and switch between them at will. All you need is a circuit for each. If you have wall lights and ceiling lights in the same room, they likely operate from different circuits already, so a little rewiring is all it takes.

It might sound a bit complex, but the effect is astounding as you switch from a sunny summer day on your ceiling to a view of the constellations. This is one of the benefits of using sky-and-cloud panels. You are not restricted to one scene, and you can use a variety of decorative fluorescent light panels at once. For instance, you could mix a sandy beach, ocean scenes, and a glowing sunset. At just $29.99 for each panel, it is easily affordable.

Other Home Theater Ceiling Lighting Ideas

If you don't have room on your ceiling for two sets of fixtures, there are some other great options. You can use regular wall lights for general lighting, and then switch them off during the movie. Once the movie starts, your view of the night sky will kick in. We encourage you to get creative and come up with other designs. Check out our full selection of fluorescent light panels and start building your dreams.

We can also use your own photographs to print up a custom light panel. These covers are easily fitted over standard panels, and each is just $29.99. There is no extra charge for custom printing!

So if you have a home theater or plan to install one, give some thought to your lighting options. Do you want the same old thing or do you want to be different and wow your guests with fabulous sky-and-cloud panels as you ceiling lighting? You're investing in a great home theater, so don't forget to look up!