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Where Can Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Be Used?

Where Can Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Be Used?

4th Apr 2017

As an Octo Lights customer, you surely know what fluorescent light covers can do in terms of upgrading the rooms in your home or office spaces into works of art.

With that said, if you're recently discovering decorative light covers you may not be aware of where these innovations in decorative lighting should be used in order to provide the best visual results.

In order to understand the places that are best suited for fluorescent light covers, you first have to understand what light covers are:

What are Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers?

Made up of a light diffusing panel, decorative fluorescent light covers can be installed over any existing fluorescent light fixture you may have to not only dim the harshness of such lighting, but to also display specific images - creating an amazing effect.

For example, when you install astronomy light covers on your bedroom ceiling, this creates the illusion of having a real skylight with a view of the night sky and mesmerizing starscapes. The same effect works on your walls with a landscape light cover; once installed, you will have created a faux window on your walls with a gorgeous view of mountains and nature.

This is ideal for rooms that may not already have windows installed in them, as it creates an illusion of space and can be the difference between using a room that would otherwise be too cramped to spend any time in.

While, it’s true, fluorescent light covers can look incredible anywhere, there are particular places where decorative lighting panels work best.

Best Places To Use Fluorescent Light Covers - In Your Home

It goes without saying, but upgrading your home is anything but a simple endeavour. This is especially true for homeowners with a strict budget, and who are unable to make pricey renovations or purchase expensive decor items.

This is why decorative fluorescent light covers are ideal for homes in need of either a visual upgrade or an increase in space, as they offer a focal point for any room in your home that is sure to impress guests and family members.

Need an example? By combining one of our tree light covers -- which display nature at its most breathtaking moments -- with an accent wall in your living room, you will be creating a focal point that also doubles as a faux window; expanding the space.

Beyond accenting your home, you can also create an entirely themed room with fluorescent light covers. For instance, your guest bathroom or powder room can be fixed with ocean light covers to be combined with tropical bathroom supplies (such as towels, toothbrush holders, etc.). These light covers display awe-inspiring aquatic life, including eye-popping schools of fish and can be installed on your ceiling to create the illusion of being underwater.

Best Places To Use Fluorescent Light Covers - At The Office

Envoking creativity and productivity should be the goal of any business office. Sadly, these places can become stuffy, boring, and will almost always contain harsh fluorescent lighting that could wear on your employees' eyes. All of these factors combined can make for one work place that is not conducive to a productive working environment.

Business offices are notorious for being closed off to the rest of the world, with little to no natural lighting or views of the outdoors. This may make you inclined to have windows installed, however, this isn't always in the company budget and may not even be a possibility due to logistical issues. Luckily, you can still garner the same effect of real windows with cloud light covers from Octo Lights.

These are our top seller for a reason, as they act as real skylights would, giving your employees a view of the beautiful blue sky and recreating the vibrancy that natural lighting can provide.

Not to mention, because fluorescent light covers act as a diffuser to harsh fluorescent light, they make it much easier on the eyes, which is bound to encourage productivity. To shop our entire selection of cloud light covers, click here.

Best Places To Use Fluorescent Light Covers - At School

Teaching any grade level can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding unique and innovative ways to encourage learning to today's often attention-deprived children.

With smart phones and social media, kids today have the propensity to lack the tools necessary to pay attention to dry lectures and a non-stimulating classroom. This is why it is in every teacher's best interest to create a visually enticing classroom environment; one that stands out visually while also contributing to the subject your teaching.

This can be achieved with decorative light covers. For instance, by installing astronomy light covers -- which display vibrant galaxies, star systems and nebulae -- on your classroom ceiling, you will not only be providing a focal point in the space itself that students will enjoy, but you'll also be providing a visual aid for students to continue learning about the stars and our solar system.

Best Places To Use Fluorescent Light Covers - In A Medical Office

When it comes to medical offices, the first area patients will observe is the waiting room -- thus, this space should be as relaxing as possible to invoke an adequate level of comfortability.

Unfortunately, most medical spaces today -- whether it be a hospital or dental/pediatrician's office -- do not focus enough on providing such an environment for their patients, and are plagued by dull and lifeless waiting rooms that serve no purpose when it comes to making patients feel at home.

This is why many offices choose to update their decor and opt for extensive renovations, however, this is not always the most feasible option in terms of budget. For a quick, simple, yet effective upgrade, you can instead choose to install fluorescent light covers to give patients a calming environment while they await treatment.

For instance, by installing tree light covers or our landscape light covers on the walls of your waiting room, you'll be giving your patients a view of peaceful trees and other foliage to glance at, which are known to calm the mind.