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Enhancing Valentine's Day With Fluorescent Light Covers

Enhancing Valentine's Day With Fluorescent Light Covers

13th Feb 2017

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year set aside specifically for your significant other, no matter if that special someone is your boyfriend/girlfriend or your wife/husband.

Your goal for February 14th should be to look back on your relationship with your loved one, in order to celebrate the most special moments, while at the same time creating new memories both of you will never forget.

While couples will typically feel inclined to go out for their Valentine’s day dinner to a fancy and expensive restaurant, there are some downsides to doing so. For one, restaurants are notoriously packed on February 14th (for obvious reasons), which could make the evening less romantic when you’re spending it in a loud room full of other people.

Not to mention, finding a reservation at a restaurant on Valentine’s day is nearly impossible unless you’ve booked far in advance. However, if you choose to spend your evening at home, you get all of the romantic closeness you and your significant other deserve, and a more meaningful night with a special dinner cooked just for the two of you.

With that being said, there are a few ways you can enhance the Valentine’s day celebration for you and your special someone at home, and it doesn’t involve rose petals and candles either. Continue reading for innovative Valentines Day decoration ideas.

Discover Fluorescent Light Covers

If you’ve never been introduced to fluorescent light covers before, then you likely don’t have an idea in regards to the truly amazing benefits these innovations in decorative lighting can provide any room.

Consisting of a light diffusing panel, light covers go over any existing fluorescent light fixtures, and display an assortment of images to pull off an amazing effect on the eye.

For example, by installing cloud light covers in an area of your home with little to no natural lighting, you’ll get the same effect that you would receive from real skylights, with all of the benefits and without the extreme cost.

By visiting, you’ll find a wide variety of ready-made light covers, all with different themes and subject matter. You can even create your own custom light covers in order to create a fully personalized space.

Now that you know what fluorescent light covers are, in order to understand what they can do to enhance your Valentine’s day, let’s explore the best ways to utilize these innovations in decorative lighting as a way to showcase your love for your significant other.

Custom Fluorescent Light Covers For a Romantic Evening

As previously mentioned, deciding to spend your Valentine’s day evening at home can provide a host of benefits for you and your significant other.

Beyond being able to be close to one another, without any outside distractions, you also get to decorate any space in your home in preparation for such a romantic evening for two. In addition to flowers and champagne, you can also spruce up your room with custom fluorescent light covers.

These can be anything from photographs of you and your loved one together on your wedding day, honeymoon or a romantic vacation and will act as the perfect backdrop to remind you both why you fell in love and how far you’ve come as a couple.

To order or learn more about our custom light covers click here.

Finding Easy to Create Custom Light Covers

If you’re searching for custom light covers, look no further than Octo Lights. Not only do we make the process of creating your light covers quick and easy, but we also make it affordable.

You simply go to our ‘Custom Light Covers’ page, choose your custom image (based on our image requirements), upload your image to our website and then wait for an email in order to purchase your light covers. It’s that simple!

Fluorescent Light Covers Act as The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

Beyond custom light covers, Octo Lights also has a wide range of ready-made fluorescent light covers that can fit any room in your home, office, or business, making them the perfect gift for Valentine’s day.

For instance, if your loved one is obsessed with the ocean and sea life, you can purchase our ocean light covers -- which display beautiful images of dolphins, sharks, coral reefs and schools of fish -- which will allow them to create an underwater escape in any room of their choosing.

For the man in your life, who loves to gaze at the stars, try our astronomy light covers, which display captivating galaxies, nebulae and star systems and can be placed on the walls or ceiling of a man cave to invoke a space-themed atmosphere. You could even combine these light covers with space/futuristic furniture and decor to tie the whole space together. The possibilities are endless!

Easy to Install Eco-Friendly Decorative Light Covers

Not only are light covers from Octo Lights the most environmentally friendly light covers on the market -= given the fact that we use UV resistant, water-based inks for all of our products -- but they’re also extremely easy to install and require no electrician or home improvement expertise whatsoever.

You simply go to our website and head over to our ‘How to Install’ page, which provides you with a quick and easy installation guide for all of our light covers.

Installation entails 4 easy steps, including opening tabs to unlock the light cover’s frame, gently lowering the frame itself, placing the light cover on top of the light diffuser (image side down) and finally raising the tabs to lock the frame into place.

To learn more about Octo Lights and what our light covers can do to enhance any upcoming holiday or celebration, visit our website or contact us today!

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. We provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day and more!