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Why Should You Choose Fluorescent Light Covers?

Why Should You Choose Fluorescent Light Covers?

9th Mar 2017

At Octo Lights, we’re proud to provide our existing customers with the highest quality fluorescent light covers for any room in their home or business. Not only do we have the widest selection of ready made, eco-friendly light covers on the market, but we also allow our customer to create their own custom-made light covers as well.

With that being said, if you’ve never ordered with us before and are just becoming familiar with what fluorescent light covers are, then we’d love to introduce you to the real benefits our light covers can provide.

Here are 5 benefits you get when you install one of our fluorescent light covers:

Imagery of Nature Reduces Stress and Anxiety

In a  recent study, it was found out that decorative light covers aid in reducing anxiety and stress levels in a patient that suffers from these conditions. While performing more than 4,600 CT Scans each year, doctors transformed a room with lively light covers that depicted images of of trees and sunlight. The purpose of this was to create an environment that helped improve the healing procedure.

Decorative light covers create an effective positive environment where each person feels relaxed, which leads to a positive mindset. Yet another recent study conducted found out that by using bright and colorful light covers, doctors were allowed to reduce acute stress by up to 53.40% in their patients. Not only this, they were further allowed to reduce acute anxiety as well by 34.79%. Needless to say, these experiments were successful.

This isn’t surprising, as decorative light covers help diffuse the harsh fluorescent lighting by using bright filters, which you can choose to display any image, design and pattern. They also help create a soft and calming effect. To top it all, decorative light covers are cost effective and provide real value for your money.

Brilliantly Reduces Eye Strain

Over exposure to light can lead to extreme strain on the eyes, which can (in turn) lead to dry eyes and other eye related issues. One unique way to go around this issue is by using light colored decorative light covers, as they are incredibly effective when it comes to diffusing light and creating a calmer and softer environment.

It happens to the best of us. We stroll into a brightly lit room and we suddenly have to lower our gaze to blink several times in order to give our eyes enough time to adjust to the sudden bright lighting. Using light covers can solve this issue, making light significantly more easy on the eyes, and even on the mind.

This condition has a medical term called over illumination, which in laymen’s terms, it means a phenomenon when artificial light in any given room or setting is more than what is required for the person in that room or space to be able to properly function.

Since most of us have worked on a laptop or desktop computer at home or at the office, and typically do so all day long, it will be much easier to correlate to this problem. When working, you don’t want anything else in the space to be brighter than the screen of your computer. Sadly, most of the time we are in an environment such as this, which is certainly not ideal.

Mitigates Headaches & Migraines

A significant amount of people suffer from (sometimes daily) migraines, and one of the primary reasons behind this issue is simple glare. To get even more specific, a particular kind of glare that is caused by fluorescent light, simply results in more strain on the eyes, leading to dry eyes and migraines. It is also one of the plethora of reasons behind visual fatigue.

The solution is simple and also cost effective. It is decorative light covers, which not only effectively diffuse light, but also helps you and others feel calmer and more relaxed. Once you install light covers on the walls or ceiling of your office and home, you will instantly feel the change from the inside.

This means no more migraines due to glares and no more eye strains; just a positive ambient atmosphere that is perfect for being productive and creative.

Increases Productivity & Makes Your Room Appear more Spacious

A team of medical researchers from NIU (Northwestern University in Chicago) recently conducted a research study that examined the detrimental effects on the health of people who work long hours in an office space without windows; which they found to be much of a universal phenomenon.The workers included in the study had complained of unhappiness and claustrophobia due to their windowless work environment.

However, one way to solve this problem is to simply work in office spaces and environments where there are windows, so that you can get a glimpse of the sunshine and open air. But what do you do if there aren’t windows or in a situation where it is not possible to construct a window?

Decorative light covers are the perfect solution to this issue. You have the ability to create an environment where there are light, sunshine, clouds, and even trees and flowers. Whatever lifts your spirits and helps you move forward, you can achieve with decorative light covers.

Increases Happiness Significantly!

If you’re feeling sad, you may not know that there is also a term called SAD which refers to Seasonal Affective Disorder. As you may have already guessed, this condition causes sadness and ultimately leads to depression.

This can also be remedied with decorative light covers, as they are bright, colorful and there are so many patterns and designs available to choose from. Whatever makes you the happiest, whether it be images of the trees and other plant life, the ocean and vibrant fish, or even photographs of your family members, you can order a custom designed fluorescent light cover to suit your personal needs.

Depression is a condition that can be difficult to fight, which is why it’s critical that you stay positive and surround yourself with not only positive people, but also a positive environment.

While you may not be able to change your location, you can effectively make changes to your environment in a positive way by installing fluorescent light covers from Octo Lights today!