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How to Create a Themed Room With Fluorescent Light Covers

How to Create a Themed Room With Fluorescent Light Covers

16th Dec 2016

When it comes to getting the most value out of your home, making use of each and every room is imperative. With that said, in some situations -- for example, when a child has left the nest or you simply bought a house with one too many rooms -- you'll be left with a room (or two) that has no purpose.

This can leave you scratching your head in regards to what to do with these spaces, and could even lead you to avoid ever stepping foot in these particular areas of your home. Unfortunately, when this is the case, homeowners will attempt to downsize into a smaller home due to the feeling of having too much space.

Thankfully, with a few subtle (yet effective) decorative lighting upgrades — through the use of innovative decorative fluorescent light covers — you can totally transform these once-useless spaces into complete themed rooms. Continue reading to learn about our themed room decoration ideas.

Showcasing many different types of flowers, these light covers can be placed on your ceiling or walls to create a faux window into a nature-filled scene. You could even try to combine your flower light covers with real plant life and flower-themed furniture items such as pillows or area rugs. To shop our entire selection of flower light covers, click here.

Aviation Room

Has it always been your dream to be airborne while flying a plane through the clouds? Do you live and breathe aviation and model airplanes? Well, our cloud light covers are ideal for you and your spare room.

You can go wild with many different cloud patterns on your walls or ceilings, to create the illusion of being in the sky. These light covers go perfect with other aviation-themed decor such as model planes and other art pieces to further the effect and encapsulate your love of the sky. Click here now to browse all of our cloud light covers.

Seasonal Room

If you love showcasing your love of the ever-changing seasons, our nature light covers are simply the perfect choice for your spare room. Whether you love the spring, summer, fall, winter or all of these seasons combined, a seasonal spare room has the potential to be changed whenever the calendar does.

Need an example? By ordering tree light covers, you can represent your love for fall and the changing of the leaves. Or, for summer, you can opt for our beach light covers to encourage a laid back vibe in your spare room from June through August. Shop all of our tree light covers here.

Astronomy Room

For some, astronomy is a passion that extends beyond simply gazing at stars through a telescope. For these particular star-fanatics, having the night sky represented throughout your daily life is a must.

This is why dedicating a spare room in your home to showcase your love of the stars is essential, and can be pulled off perfectly with our astronomy light covers. These light covers showcase awe-inspiring star systems, nebulae and galaxies -- and can even be combined with outer space decor such as space suits, starry pillows and bedding, and other art pieces.

This will not only give astronomy lovers the perfect retreat in their home, but it will be an intriguing space for guests and family to hang out. Shop our entire selection of astronomy light covers here.

Aquatic Room

Ocean lovers and those interested in marine life, such as fish, dolphins or sharks, may feel like something is missing if they don't have something in their homes to constantly remind them of the sea.

For these folks, nothing could suit a spare room better than aquatic furniture and our ocean light covers! Choose from a selection of light covers that display vibrant, beautiful schools of fish, coral and other sea-life to be displayed on the ceiling or walls of your themed room.

These light covers can create the illusion of being underwater, especially when you opt to install multiple ocean light covers throughout the space. To shop our ocean light covers, click here.

How to Order Fluorescent Light Covers

Now that you've been made aware of the possibilities fluorescent light covers can provide, in terms of creating a themed room unique to your personality and interests, you may be wondering just where you can find them.

Luckily, you're already here! Octo Lights is the world's leader in quality light covers for the home, office, or business, and in just a few clicks you'll be on your way to transforming your drab spaces into works of art.

Not only are our light covers eco-friendly -- because we use water-based ink in all of our products -- but they're also incredibly affordable and easy to install. To learn more about our light covers, explore the rest of our user-friendly website now.