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Creating Custom Lighting For A Better Interior

Creating Custom Lighting For A Better Interior

11th Jun 2016

Interior designers have long known that lighting plays an important role in the overall application of any type of interior design concept. While there are many ways to accomplish the goal of creating custom lighting for a better interior, one way in particular has quickly grown in popularity in recent years. That is the innovative and smart use of attractive image based fluorescent light filters. These unique panels or sky & cloud panels as they are sometimes called can be overlaid with virtually any type of image imaginable.

More Personal And More Unique

Best of all, replacement fluorescent light panels look great and last a long time. From stock photos and images to custom images that are uploaded by the customer, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the type of look and feel that can be created with sky & cloud panels. Families can easily upload treasured family images or pictures to create a truly unique experience. For example, a child's room could make use of overhead fluorescent fixtures that feature a child's picture to make the space more personal and more unique.

Located In A Beach Or Ocean Side Community

Another great way to enhance an interior is by creating a room-wide theme. One example of this might be designing an interior based upon an ocean or beach theme. This is especially useful for a home or cottage that is located in a beach or ocean side community. From dramatic waves crashing on the beach to seashells and rocky ocean ledges or bluffs, the sky is the limit. Those who love the beach will genuinely enjoy sky & cloud interior light covers that are based upon ocean or beach photographs.

Look Great And Command Attention

While there are a number of stock images available to customers choosing to install light lenses, the custom option is quickly becoming the standard. This is simply due to the fact that being able to upload almost any type of image or photograph can give interior designers, homeowners and business owners greater flexibility. Having more flexibility when it comes to designing an interior simply means that the interior will look great and command more attention. Today's modern sky & cloud panels are resilient, long lasting and easy to maintain. These unique light diffuser fixtures can even add value to a business or residential home.

Attractive And More Inviting Looking Interior Space

It is also important to note that these beautifully attractive light lenses serve a functional purpose. From reducing light related headaches to reducing eyestrain, decorative fluorescent light covers have a very practical use in today's world. With fluorescent lighting becoming one of the main sources of lighting today, it is easier than ever before to create a more attractive and more inviting looking interior space. Discover all that fluorescent light covers have to offer by working with the best in the business. Octo Lights is a trusted and reliable name for a wide range of fluorescent fixtures. Contact Octo Lights today to learn more.